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Thursday, June 19, 2008

There's something funny going on here......

Unfortunately, I dont mean the HA HA HA kind of funny, but rather something weird and sick.

Check out this latest letter from our dear Francesca:

Dear Kim,

Thanks so much, my heart is full of joy, now I can sleep well with my brother, is late now to stay up, but I will email you all you need to do for me so that I can leave this country. I will get the form that you will fill and then I will summit it to the authorities, am sure with that all will work out well for us and we can go home.

Please reply me email and give me words of encouragement, that will really help us emotional.

You seems to be a good Christian, I will fellow you to where ever your God is, and will worship him, I dont know more about Christianity, am sure you will teach us well.

Thanks for being that sun for us, I will look for my picture and scan a copy of it for you to see me, though the pictures I have are in small copies, but I hope they will be good for you to see. Thanks so much, am full of happiness as I go to bed tonite with my brother.

You know, when I first read that she was going to "sleep with her brother" it gave me the creeps, but I chalked it up to the language barrier, as well as the fact that people in distressed situations may not live in places with extra beds.

Although, if you old timer(s) remember, my sister Sandra seemed to be doing well for a refugee.

Anyways, as I read on in the letter, she makes another mention of "going to bed with her brother."


I had to restrain my typing fingers, because I wanted to tell her that if that is how siblings are in her part of the world, then, sorry, I dont want to be her sister. Or, perhaps to explain to her the dangers of inbreeding.

But, I know I must remain naive, calm, and ignorant, so that I dont tip her off. I mean, if she knows Im smarter than the average 5th grader, she may figure that I know all about her scheme.

So, Ill just mind my business, and pray and share God with her, in hopes of saving her soul. Here is my reply to her email:

Dear Francisca,

You will love to learn about my God, He loves everyone and wants to save
everyone. He will guide you and protect you. If you ask Him to show you who He
really is, He will do it.

I think it is a blessing for me to be able to help you, please stay strong and I
will do my best.

I will spend a lot of time praying for you to be safe and well, and your brother

Your sister in Christ,

Ill keep you posted, and am looking forward to her photos!!


Anonymous said...

This seems like a new way to run the scam. Because I half way believed for a second (only a second) that she really just needed help! Hope her brother doesn't get her pregnant because I don't know if your kidness would extend to all 3 of them!

The Running Girl said...

Yeah, that's a little strange. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Grandma J said...

I don't think she's sleeping with her brother in the same bed. I just think she meant she AND her brother are sleeping, or going to sleep. Just a language barrier thing. Maybe her way of letting you know that her brother is with her, and where one goes so goes the other...that is you "sponsor" her, you have to take him too.

Where are the pics from the graduation and acting event?

Grandma J said...

Here's the latest! I just got an email from a Mr. Yan, thanking me for contacting him (?). He has chosen me to take delivery of 100,000 barrels of oil for distribution as I see fit. HA!