The Chocolate Lady

Monday, June 15, 2009

When your horoscope recommends staying in bed

I dont read my horoscope, but if I did, Im pretty sure today's would have advised me to stay in bed, avoid all commitments and contact....yep, Im pretty.sure!

Let me just preface this, with telling you that we are on day #2 of Little One's venture into "big girl panties". Yesterday was a huge success. Today, not so much.

We started out with Princess Jasmine panties.

Me: Princess Jasmine is HAPPY

LO: Yeah, she is happy.

Me: Make sure you put your potty in the toilet, so she can be happy.

LO: yeah, Im not gonna put potty on Princess Jasmine, that makes her SOOOO SAD!

Me: You will put your potty in the toilet, and she will be HAPPY.

I was so glad we were in agreement. I was just as happy as Princess Jasmine, that is, until, I went to load Little One into the car, and realized Princess Jasmine was either SO SAD that she was sobbing urine tears, or Little One had pee'd her panties.

Unfortunately, I was putting her into the car, because I was in a rush to drop off some yummy, decorative chocolates to church. An older woman lost her long battle with cancer, and I had agreed to bring some treats for the memorial reception.

I didnt want to be late, so I just buckled up my SAD PRINCESSES, along with Beauty and Pooper, and we were off.....

Now, the church, where the memorial was taking also the main campus of the school where my children attend. School is out for summer, but the staff were there. Anyhoo.....I pulled up, right up to the entry way (parking illegally, because I was just going to run my chocolates up to the reception....and the parking lot was pretty full due to the memorial service.)

I brought my pretty candies, and on my way back to the car, I got a FANTASTIC phone call. The President of Dove Chocolate Discoveries, was calling me, I was so excited!

So excited, that as I was entering my car (with children and a wet pair of Princess panties inside) car that was as close to the memorial service as possible (practically at the front doors) and my car that is right in front of the School Superintendent's office window....that I was entering it, I accidentally set off the alarm. No kidding!

Ive got our President on the phone, as Im trying to keep my cool on the conversation, and fumbling to find my keys, and then to get my key in the door to turn off the alarm....fully aware that people are mourning just a few yards away....with my blaring horn going off! I almost drop the phone, the kids are screaming......

Luckily, Dove's President has a sense of humor, and was laughing with me, as I made a quick get away out of the parking lot, thankfully before people started coming out to see what MORON had their car alarm blaring in the midst of a memorial service. Nobody saw me, whew! Nobody but the school superintendant, who' was probably watching the whole thing out her office window!!


Soon the day mellowed, and I took the kids home, and washed up Little One, putting her in some Ariel panties.

Me: Ok Little One, Ariel is very happy now, but we need to put our potty in the toilet so she can stay HAPPY.

LO: Ariel is HAPPY, but Princess Jasmine is SOOO SAD!!

Me; Yes, Princess Jasmine was sad you pee'd on her, but I will wash her, and make her HAPPY.

LO: She will be HAPPY and Ariel is HAPPY!!

Me: yes, so make sure you put your potty in the toilet so she can stay HAPPY!

to be continued............