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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lazy Days of Summer

The lazy days arent here yet, instead Im in the midst of the-frenzied-final-days-of-schooltime, which is why I havent mustered up a post.

Not that anyone wants to know...but....

Saturday: VBS training,
Going to John Taggart's Grand Stand for Alex's Lemonade Stand (which we wouldnt miss!),
and then the only block of time to prepare/bake for the week.

Sunday: Church,
Pooper's final acting class,
hosting a BBQ at the waterpark for our 1st grade fellowship group from Pooper's school

Monday: Made 4 dozen cookies (little red apples) for Beauty's graduation....which happened in the evening.

Tuesday: Pooper's acting showcase up in Los Angeles (we are leaving at 1:30 for a 7:00pm show)....should be fun with Little One (who has recently become "the screamer") He will do a scene from Tootsie...industry folks are on hand to watch...

Wednesday: Both kids have their class party

Thursday, I should get to breathe on this day. *Should* being the operative word, I wont be surprised if some pipe gets a leak or someone comes down with a life-threatening injury, because, that's sort of how things work around here.

The end of year parties, baking, teacher cards and gifts, etc. are things I enjoy...but also things that get me frazzled when they are on top of each other,

Now that we know how to put up youtube videos, I will have Beauty's graduation from preschool (I know, kinda silly, but sweet) and Pooper's acting show case up soon. And I already have my next, Beauty's Beauty (is that what I called it? or is it, Beaing Beauty????) I just have to get the picture up (which, for some reason, is harder than putting up a video.)

talk soon.


Anonymous said...

I could have watched the baby for you. She is so cute!! Andrew had his last class? I wish I had known....we will have to meet anyway!! Love the Starbuck's frappaccino lites. Yum-oh! I guess you will be baking more cookies for the baby shower, right? Talk soon. I have to sign this anonymous because i forgot my password!! Joanne

Grandma J said...

Such busy times! The last week of school is such a frazzled time. I can't wait to see the videos and talk to Beauty and Pooper..oh and Little One, who is getting so verbal! Love, love, love it!
I really miss the Alex Lemonade Stands, with all the hoopla.
It sounds like the Taggarts had a successful Grand Lemonade Stand! I miss seeing them and their gorgeous family! I did sent them a donation, and got a nice long email back from Kelly.
It's so amazing how big that Foundation has gotten. I even see their lemonade in the markets. You all make Alex proud!

Adams said...

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