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Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's getting tricky

Ok people, it's getting to the part where I have to be very careful not to say the wrong thing to dear Francesca. She is wanting info, so, naturally the dance has started and I dont want to step on her is her latest reply:

Dear Kim,

Am so sad this morning because my brother is very sick, he was rushed to the hospital yesterday night, I prayed to your God, and I know your God will not fail me over my brother.

I have informed the authorities that I have goten some one who will undertake for us to go home, and they gave me a form to fill, in the form there are so many question about you that I dont know how to fill it. If you can be kind enough as God has lead you to us, and give me the following informations, and I will complete the form and summit it, the authorities will email or call you for more verification of this.

Please here are the informations:

1, Full Name
3,Date of Birth
5,Marital Status
7,Language spoken and Writen.
8,Contact Telephone Number
9,Country of Natinality

Those are the informations in the form, I dont know how to fill it, so please Kim let me have them and I will complete the form as soon as I come back from the hospital where my brother is.

Thanks so much Kim, and know very well that I am ready to follow you to your God, cos if your God has led you with such a kind heart to help us out, then that your God is my God.

In my next email, I will scan my picture for you to see me, am in a rush now.

Thanks so much and your God continue to bless you.


I wanted to tell her that perhaps her brother's illness was a warning from God to stop "sleeping" together, but I dont want to tick her off.

Here is my letter back:

Dear Francisca,

I am so sorry to hear about your brother and am praying that God will heal him from any illness. I do hope by the time you read this, that he is out of the hospital.

I have been praying for you a lot and today the Lord spoke to me about the goodness of your heart. As I was praying God gave me a vision of a cross, which represents Jesus. I felt God telling me that to move forward, I should know that you were with a cross, even if you do not yet believe or understand. He told me that I should see you with a cross, so if you could please send me a picture of you next to a cross, then I know that this is meant from God, as He has shown me.

with my prayers,

Ok, let's see where this goes..........


Cortney said...

You should tell her to send you the form by email or scan it since she can scan and you'll fill it out and send it in since she's having so much trouble with it!

This is a very different scam

Veronica said...

lolol this is sooo funny. you have to send her/it some bogus info for the form....They need you. this is hilarious.

Grandma J said...

Throw her for a loop and ask her if her brother is cute or married.
I like Cortneys suggestion, ask her for the form, so you can fill it out and send it to the proper authorities

aunt julianne said...


Anonymous said...

hummmmm. No SS# yet. You should let her know you too are in a hurry and will have to fill thing out later as you are going to the mission to feed the homeless. Perhaps you could call the hospital and talk to her lover , I mean brother personally to pray over the phone with him.

gaining some lb's said...

Poor thing having so much trouble filling it out.

She really does need you.