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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A little bit about Francesca

Im learning that Francesca has a tendency to avoid and ignore.

For the second time now, she has just plain old acted like she didnt get a post from me. I guess it could be just absent mindedness from all the stress of having an ill brother, and being kept in a country while your wealthy inheritance was being kept from you, so you are busy trying to correspond with a random stranger in an attempt to get some help. Maybe.

But, Im rather thinking that she pretends not to get messages that she doesnt like.

So, is what she posted yesterday, hours after I sent her my last email:

Dear Kim,

How are you and how is your life going this weekend, I hope all is fine and Ok, but I have not read any email from you since I last wrote you, I am very in need of this assistance that God has brought you and I to have. My younger brother is still sick, and I dont know what to do. I am so tired and confused. Please Kim, let me have those informations so that I can file in for us to go home.

I hope to read from you soon before things get out of hand.

Thanks and God bless you.


So, I wrote her back, AGAIN. I do think it will help me to pray for her, if I can see her face.....I hope she understands. Here is my response to her:
Hi Francisca,

I did sent you an email, but maybe you didnt get it.

I am sorry that your brother is still sick, I am praying for him.

I had told you in my email that I have been praying very much for you both and
God has given me a vision of a cross. I really need a picture of you with a
cross because it will help me in my prayers for you. If you could also send a
picture of your brother with a cross, It will help me to pray for him too.

I know God has sent you my way so that I can help you.

with my prayers,

Let's see what she sends me next.


Grandma J said...

I guess if it's her younger brother she must be his guardian. Ask her if he has an inheritance too. Also, find out exactly what type of illness he has.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could help by faxing it to the proper authorities for her. ok love, Johnna

Cortney said...

Her convenient e-mail losses is very odd!

aunt julianne said... know how nervous you make me with all of this! Thanks for all the work you did for the baby shower yesterday!! We all had a lot of fun and everyone commented on how nice it was. See you tonight at your party!! Am anxious to see the kids!!

heartshapedhedges said...

Aunt Julianne,

The kids are beyond frenetic, anxious to see Baby P. Good thing My Honey will be there to supervise, or they would probably tear him apart by his limbs, fighting over who gets to play/hold him, etc.

All I care about is the chocolate....the mousse is out of this world! AND, we have it in a "whipped cream" type can....wouldnt you love to keep a can of mousse in your fridge for little "pick me ups" when the kids stress you out (never mind, you arent tied down with kids....)

see you tonight.

Philly said...

Just caught up on all your posts, and let me tell you they scare me. My daughter got caught up on a scarm on craigs list trying to sell her camera. She sold it for $100 and the woman or said woman told her she would give her another 100 for her troubles. She sent her a check for $3200.00 and told her to cash it and wire her the balance. I had no idea what was going on and by the grace of god I was here when Fed x delivered the check.
All turned out ok except maybe a little embarrasment on college girls part.