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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Game is on people!

Look what I found in my email box today friends....yep, a little note from my dear sister.

Dear Kim,

You came like a sun in my dark, gave me and younger brother hope to see the light, and dissapeared without any traces, please Kim, take me as your sister and help me, I really need to leave this country and back to my country to claim our funds and get a new life with me and my brother, you are my hope now, cos I have so much confident that you will not betray us..

You have a kind heart, please show me kindness.



Here is my response back to her, let's see where this goes;

Dear Francisca,

I was worried that I had not heard from you, but have been praying that God
would take care of you. I have learned that with all things, to pray to the
Lord and He will guide me. I know it is His will that you have been guided back
to me.

Im hoping that I can be of help to you and your brother,

Yours in Christ,

She tried to act like I hadnt responded to her, not sure what that is about,,,,did my email get lost in the WWW, or was she just planning her next move. In any case, Im gonna roll with it, and am preparing for some fun.

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Anonymous said...

YES! And I especially love the title! I can't wait until you get to save her dear soul!