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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I cant help myself

Today, I was met with a situation, a situation that touched me so deeply, that I couldnt turn away. I get requests often, and quickly hit "delete", but this one, well, I just cant resist:

Here is the email I received this morning:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I apologies for sending you this email.

Knowing very well what is going on now over the Internet.

But there are some people in this world that those not have such intentions of
hurting any one, and I feel so confident in me to write to you this email,
please do not
ignore it, because you are saving a soul.

My name is Francisca Orlando, I am 26 years old. My parents are coco farmers in
Coast, but it is unfortunate that they died along side with the problem of
Ivory Coast.

I however remained in a camp of Refugees, I want to go back home with my
brother. But it seems
impossible for me, I need to start a good life but nothing is happening.Our
parents left a will
of 5 Million USD for us in our home bank, and I want to go to the bank and claim
then begin a new life with my brother.

Please I want you to come for our aid,by telling the people in charge here that
you are
taking responsibility of us, so that they can free us to go back home.

Please reply my email and save our souls. my private email address is

God Bless you.

Francisca Orlando.

The email header was: SAVE OUR SOUL PLEASE

I mean, really, who wouldnt respond?

Here is what I wrote back, but in my sympathy-driven haste, I hit "reply" instead of sending it to the private email as directed, so, we shall see what happens.


I know God must have led you to contact me. Just today, I was praying for the
people of the world that are hurting, and asked God to use me to help them. I
didnt realize that he would actually have someone from Ivory Coast contact me,
but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

I am so sorry for your hardship, and will pray that God intervenes. Please let
me know how I can help, do you need me to write a letter to someone for you?

God has brought us together for a reason, may He bring you peace,

Now, Im going to have to try to take it slow, and not tip them off to my game right away...let's see where this all takes us!


Grandma J said...

Oh for crying out loud, here we go again. When are you going to ask for a picture? May I suggest you send one of you first? Maybe send the one of Sandra too, and let him know he isn't the first orphan you have prayed for and helped.

At least it wasn't bad news, but then all Yahoo mail is scammers it seems.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Game on! I love it when you do this! It's actually the reason I came to your blog in the first place. :)

Di said...

Man!!! I wish I would have thought of that!!!! I get at least 2 a day of those kinds.

Jason said...

Wow. How did she get your email? From your mother's response, it seems this kind of thing has happened before with negative results. Please tell more!

Grandma J said...

Jason, her results last time were interesting and very entertaining. A friggin pole dancing orphan sort of...looking for..oh, wait, this isn't my blog.

I get them everyday too. Usually in my junk box.