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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Morning Read

As you know, Im a news junkie. I waste my time reading the papers and watching the news on TV, even though it's probably not good for me to learn about all the vile, hateful things going on in the world. Most days, the news is filled with crime, war, and abuse, and for somer reason, my fascination with human behavior keeps me reading.

Today, however, I stumbled upon a few stories that were a little off beat. One is so ridiculous, that I decided to share it with you, and the other sounds rather tempting (maybe Ill do it!) ....see if you can guess which one is which!

Our first story, is about a scientific study by NASA, and they are looking for regular folks to help out. You get paid $17,000 to STAY IN BED FOR 3 MONTHS. I know, The headline alone had me ready to pack my bags and fly to the space station in Texas, and then I read this, and I quote, "They can shower, surf the Internet and watch DVDs, all while remaining in bed." Um, quick can I get a plane ticket? I mean, I realize it would be a sacrifice, and Im so obsessed with my daily workout routine at the gym, that it would be tough to give that up...but for science and the wellbeing of mankind, space exploration, etc. I think I could do it.....I mean, you know, I could FORCE myself to stay in bed, surfing the web, blogging, watching TV, sleeping, reading, and sacrificing my body for space....for $17,000, because, Im a good citizen like that. I think a few of you might enjoy this kind of "job" for a, if you are interested, you can read more about it here

The other story, well, it really epitomizes how fake, superficial and sexual our society has become. It's about the popular trend of getting, ...wait for it.... "designer vaginas". Yeah, I know. and, no, it's not like it's going to have a Gucci label, and, apparently, it's not just for porn stars and other such folks that have cameras pointing at their VA- Jay-Jays (sorry JJ the dog!)'s becoming common amongst "regular folks" and, as things go, apparently, there have been some "complications" as in, surgeries not going so now, the medical association is discouraging these surgeries.

Now, I realize Im biased, because I think even botox is extreme (yes, call me crazy, but injecting damaging, cell killing bacteria into one's face seems like, not the brightest idea to me.) And, all the boob jobs and such, I think people are better left with what God gave them...but, that's me, and I realize Im in the minority. But, come on, "designer vaginas" ????? People pay (on average) $10,000 for THAT?????? For those of you that want to learn more (and Im sure it's just for the intrigue, not that you actually want one....) you can read about it here.

So, now I think Ill go apply for that important space job, and hey, with the $17,000 I earn, maybe I can get a new Louis Vutton!

***AND, in case anyone thought I was crazy for (begging) wanting a sponsored trip to BEACHES (the resort with Sesame Street characters), in exchange for blogging about our adventure..... Bossy is currently on a sponsored vacation....yeah, she is! ****

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Little One

As I sit here, reflecting on your birth, just two years ago, I remember how impatient I was to meet you. And, let's be honest, impatient to just have you off my sciatic nerve!

I confess, Im not very good at being pregnant. I asked my ob, Dr. Melky, if I was his worst patient, and he didnt answer! I told him, "We are all good at different things, we all have our strengths, and it's just fine with me if Im not getting any awards for being the best-pregnant-person award." So what if I didnt wear yoga pants rolled down below my belly, and do pilates everyday. There's no shame in being so unable to walk, that you have to drive in the handi-motorized cart in the grocery what!

I remember clearly, my Dr's appt on 7-26-06. Daddy came in with me, because I told him, that I was going to DEMAND that I give birth immediately, I just couldnt take it (it being incredible pain and suffering) any longer.

While on the table in the Dr's office, I begged Dr. Melky to take you out. He reminded me (again) that the hospital is strict on the 2 week policy, and since I was still more than 2 weeks away from my due date, the hospital wouldnt allow a planned c-section. He did, however, mention that we could always do an amnio, to see if your lungs were developed, and if they were, we could do the c-section on Friday (2 weeks and 2 days before your due date.)

I am so darned afraid of needles, and despite being of "advanced maternal age" for all 3 pregnancies, had never had an amnio before.....

As I mulled it over in my mind....wondering which would be more torturous, a giant needle piercing deep into my belly, or another week of pregnancy.....

Daddy and Dr. Melky had THE NERVE to tell me, that to have the baby early, was SELFISH....

Selfish? I asked....Selfish? when was the last time either of them had someone pinch their sciatic nerve for 10 months straight.....and make them vomit everyday.....and throw their pelvis out of wake, and make them burp and have extreme heartburn......and, let's not forget that I had 2 SHOTS A DAY, FOR THE ENTIRE PREGNANCY, IN MY STOMACH (to prevent miscarrying.)

Selfish??? really????

I opted for the amnio.

The next morning, Thursday the 27th, I had the big needle...OUCH!!

That afternoon, I received the word, that you were fine and ready to come out.

Friday morning, I went to the hospital for my c-section, and shortly thereafter,

YOU, my Little One, my Patty Pat Pat, my Precious, was born.

You were so sweet, and Pooper and Beauty couldnt wait to be with you.

You were a smiley one from the beginning

And early on, you were ready to GO! GO! GO!

Last year you turned one....

and it's hard to believe, that another year has passed.

You have ridden a pony....

Moved into a toddler bed (although, you have since moved into a twin bed.)

and enjoyed many exciting excursions, such as our visit to the Rose Parade floats...

You have achieved many milestones, are always chatty, adventurous and independent.

We are so happy to have you in our lives Little One, and wish you a


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sham What the heck?

I just received a disturbing phone call...

A woman calls, laughing so hysterically, that all I can understand is,

LOL...Sham WOW....Sham Wow....LOL.....Site Meter...Sham Wow....LOL....My blog...Sham Wow....5000 hits this morning...Sham Wow....LOL

After getting her to SETTLE DOWN, Grandma J goes on to tell me that her blog is being inundated with visitors (inundated meaning 5000 by 9:30 am) and they are primarily coming from Google searches of Sham Wow.

She tells me to Google "Sham Wow" and see what comes up, and sure enough, Ask Grandma J is the 3rd on the list.

Sham what the heck? Grandma J hasnt blogged about Sham Wow in some time!

I wonder what all those avid-car washing, infomercial-watching folks think when they stumble upon her sight and read about JJ the talking dog?

Gotta run, the kidlets are home...back from their Saturday morning fun-date with daddy at the local McDonalds playland. There must be new "happy meal" toys, because I can what sounds like a siren going off, and My Honey demanding that someone, "FOR THE LAST TIME, TURN THAT OFF!"

fun day ahead, will share later.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I missed it, did you?

Season 5 of Project Runway started, and drats! I missed the premiere. I went and read all about the first episode at bravo online. You can read all the bios, see pictures of the first challenge "outfits" and more!

Austin Scarlet was the guest judge, and um, yeah, nice outfit Austin! At least he didnt come dressed as Little Bo Peep (remember that dress???) and let's not forget, he designed the wedding dress for the OC Housewife (Lauri) for her 32nd marriage! (ok, Im exaggerating, but did you see that wedding, with like crystals dripping from the trees? PUHLEEZE!)

Tim Gunn recapped the first challenge, which took place in....wait for it....a grocery store! He was annoyed that most "designers" went for the obvious, such as plastic table cloths....I guess he was looking for more of a coconut bikini???

Here is his accounting of the winners outfit: (taken from the Bravo Website, please dont sue me for plagerism!)

"Kelli WINS! This is, indeed, a great way to being the new season! Kelli created a short, A-line skirt out of vacuum cleaner bags that she bleached and dyed. She paired this with a corset top made out of muslin, the waistband of which was covered with gold thumbtacks and the bust was defined with burned coffee filters. Both garments were secured by using a spiral binding from a notebook as the closure, which was brilliantly executed. From a distance, there was no indicator that this look wasn't fresh from Fashion Week, which was precisely the goal of this challenge. Congratulations, Kelli!"

And, Ill just add, that this looks pretty good. Who would have thought?? Tres Chic!

For some, the grocery store did nothing to inspire the imagination....take for example, this little get-up, and dont forget to read the pain on the models face!

Jerry was AUT! He used a plastic table cloth and plastic shower curtain (ROFL) , and in Tim Gunn's words, she looked like she was going to, "dump chemical waste"...Ouch! Not fashionable!

If you go to the link above, you can see all the runway designs and even rate them, such fun!

For those like me, that missed episode 1, now we are all caught up and ready to roll!

PS. check out my updated, hot out of the microwave, blog roll!

Friday, July 18, 2008

all I want is a stinkin vacation or, why Im not at BLOG HER 08

Here's the deal.

There's a major "blog conference" going on (my non-blogging friends are like, "heh??") But yeah, bloggers gather, sit around with their laptops (which, maybe were provided by their sponsors) and talk about blogging. I know, the excitement from just *thinking* about it has you squeeling!

Im not there, Im blogging from my "office", on the computer that frequently freezes up and says, "your computer is low on memory." And, I made the stupid mistake of dropping a bit of delicious "skin" from my extra-crispy piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and now their is an ANT CONFERENCE on my desk.

but, whatever.

Earlier, the Queen of blogging posted about the Blog Her conference, and she showed a picture, and mentioned the parties and "break out groups" and stuff....and, I got a teensy, tiny, tadly bit envious when she mentioned that the topic of one such group was, "how to make money from your blog."

Now, if you dont blog, you're eyes are rolling back in your head by now, and this is, understandably, of no interest to you.

But, if you are a blogger...probably you arent even at Blog Her 08, because if you were, you would be listening to some wildly popular blogger share their insights, rather than reading my little post.

Unless of course, maybe someone is having a "break out" group about me...yeah, a whole group reading my blog and talking about how clever and fancy I am, and how they should all aspire to be a blogger like me. Or, maybe using me as an example of what not to do, unless you want the same 4 readers...and that's it. Ok, they probably arent talking about me. They dont even KNOW me, although I did meet Bossy, and she's there, so 6 degrees of separation and all that......

Back to that break out group about making money from your blog. Um, Im gonna take a wild guess and say that the folks who would most benefit from that info....the folks that might most want to hear that....and glean some fabulous ideas, are NOT THE FOLKS IN ATTENDANCE.

Take, for example, that that gal whose husband quit his job, and the family's sole income source is her blog....PROBABLY, wild guess here, she has no need for that group.

Me on the other hand, well, ever since I met Bossy on her Excellent Adventure tour of the country...the one sponsored by a major auto manufacturer named SATURN, Um, I thought, hey, Id like to make enough money to go to Beaches with the kids.

Not to play the pity card or anything, especially since none of you own Beaches...or, I totally would purposely use the pity card...but we had planned to go to Beaches with Pooper and Beauty, but then he got cancer, and, let me just say, a 2.5 year old with cancer kinda ruins the family vacation plans.

But now, that he is doing well, and we have Little One, who is all up in a fatizzle about Elmo...we would like to go to Beaches...where the kids can frolick with the Sesame Street characters while I relax...IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

Anyhoo....bossy planted that "sponsorship" seed, and I thought, HEY, if I had a few more readers, maybe Sesame Street or Beaches could sponsor me, and I could blog about our family vacation. I mean, my kids are chalk full of blog fodder, trust me, it would be no different just because Big Bird was there.

So, point being, I would LOVE to know how to make some money, and earn our family a vacation, but Im not there, cause it takes money to get there (hello vicious circle of life!)

but if anyone is there, or is listening to some bootleg pod cast or whatever....and they happend to mention, "how to get Beaches to sponsor your family vacation by blogging about it" at that Blog Her conference....please let me know.

And, just to make sure to take Grandma J's advice, (because Im nothing if not the world's most obedient daughter)..Im gonna throw in some "high traffic" tags, to increase my readership, and get one step closer to a sponsored goes....

bossy, pioneer woman, dooce, hannah montana, camp rock, global warming, obama, the price of gas

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life Lessons

This morning I received an email from a friend, passing along the e-newsletter from the Orange County Rescue Mission. The Mission houses and feeds many needy people in Southern California, and during these difficulty economic times, they have more needy, and less donations coming in...which creates a problem.

The email asked for donations, primarily of food. I thought, "We can help, and it will be a great way to teach my children about giving back."

I sent an email to friends and neighbors, asking for donations. A neighborhood boutique offered to collect donations at their store, in addition to those left on my porch. The local paper is also going to run a brief article, encouraging people to donate.

I was feeling pleased about this little venture, happy to help, grateful that we have never had to go without.

I put a large, sturdy box on the porch, and in an effort to get the kids involved, I asked if they would decorate it. They both love to color and draw, and were excited about this craft.

We talked about the Rescue Mission, how lucky we are to always have food, and housing, and agreed that happy drawings would be a nice touch to the brown box.

Leaving the kids on the porch with the box, and their markers, I went back into the house, with a content feeling about our little task.

No sooner do I shut the door:



screaming and crying were already underway before I could even open the door. I stepped out onto the porch and they both went on to tell me that the other had taken their "side".

I calmly explained that the box had 4 sides, and that they could each have 2. And they pointed out that one of the sides has (a small spot of) writing on it, and of course, nobody wants THAT side. After a lesson about letting others choose first, and how God says, "The last will be first"....we seemingly had it resolved, with Pooper offering to take the side with writing.

Thankfully I have angelic children, that allowed me to go back inside while they decorated the box. Unfortunately, said scenario is only in my dreams.

Within minutes, Beauty was crying (aka screaming and howling). I went back out to the porch, and Pooper had blue marker streaks all over his arms. Apparently, she thought it would be a good idea to put blue flowers all over the box, his side included. He disagreed, and a fight ensued, including her threats to color his eyeballs with her blue marker and him hitting her.

What's a good mother to do, but sternly remind her children, that those kids at the rescue mission dont even have food or a house, let alone markers and a box to color. I bet they would be grateful to color any side of a box, even a side with writing, and would be so thankful to God, that they wouldnt then go and brawl over it. After threats to send my children to live at the rescue mission, they were sent to their rooms.

Im not sure if it's all the time spent together during summer (with no school), the heat wave, or just nature itself, but my kids can barely spend 2 minutes together without arguing over some small thing.

Im looking forward to actually taking them to the Rescue Mission, to deliver the donations, and to milking our visit for every possible life lesson.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


During my childhood, I was smothered with familial interactions, with aunts, uncles and cousins. I had a large extended family, and many of Grandma J's siblings and their children lived nearby. So, I have a lot of memories of time spent with family.....

Take for example, the many bike rides, SHARING THE BANANA SEAT, that I took.....all while under the age of 5.....and the driver of the bike with the baby? None other than Beach Bum when she was barely a teen. and I wont even try to describe the craziness of such a bike ride to a farmers house, where he chased us off his property for stealing the pomegranites off his tree.....when I wasnt even 5! Or, Aunt Julianne taking me to high school with her, I think just to show me off and use me as a novelty to win over the new foriegn exchange student that she had a crush on....

Good times, but anyways, I wont share them all now.....

But, my children do not have many local relatives to hang out with, no cousins, or aunts and uncles to put them in harms way. Nope....we are our own little California family. (Aunt Julianne and her crew do live 30 minutes away, but now we are talking 2nd generation....)

So it was a special treat, this past week, when my kids got to enjoy the company of their Colorado Cousins. They were so wound up with anticipation, that I thought they might take flight. They bounced around the house for days, asking ...every few minutes....."how many more minutes until our cousins are here?" This went on FOR DAYS!

When they finally came together, it was a wonderful moment. My kids were all over their cousins, whom they hadnt seen in over a year.

We immediately took Pooper and Beauty to the water park with T and Z. Ill admit, that Little One was left out of a lot of the festivities....due in part to her serious committment to napping.

The Fantastic Four hung out, splashed around, and had a great time. Beauty in particular, could not keep her self from clinging to Z....and, honestly, Pooper wasnt much different witih T....the touchy-feely-ness that my kids enjoy was in full force with their cousins. And, I dont think the cousins minded the love and attention.

Later, the kids enjoyed a BBQ together, Little One, in particular...just look at that face!

By night, we did fun things like set ourselves aflame....just kidding, we roasted marshmallows and savored s'mores.

We also enjoyed a snuggly slumber party each night. (that black stuff is my hurried attempt to cover up Beauty's panties.)

The time together was brief, less than 48 hours. Not enough for my kids, not nearly enough time with their cousins.

The last morning, before my kids headed off to swim team, they all gathered together for their "til we meet again" exchange, and spent the next 10 minutes with a flurry of hugs and kisses, and more hugs and kisses.

Goodbye cousins, we missed you as soon as you drove away.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dont mind the brown stuff on the wall

Im sort of getting used to the continuous splatter from the stuff that keeps hitting the fan. I might as well just fasten Pooper's Spider Man umbrella to my head, I mean, hello, can we get a break for just a minute.

Today, I was totally blind-sided. Blind sided by the fact that our MORTGAGE LENDER has been CLOSED, as in NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Now, I guess if we were just humming along with life, that wouldnt be so bad...but as some of you may remember from earlier blog posts (that My Honey didnt like posted), we are in the process of modifying our current loan.

Modifying mean, I have paid a large amount for 6 months, with the promise that after jumping through those hoops, our loan rate would be reduced to a very nice rate, and locked in for a very long time. Our old rate was decent, and for a long weird adjustables....but this loan would be better, and really give us some breathing room (breathing room from the current strangulation of medical debt.)

So, I was supposed to get loan docs a week or so ago, as the new rates were supposed to have been locked in by July 2nd...but I never got any paperwork.

I called (the typical 3 hour, multiply transferred call)....and was assured that they were just back-logged, and that the docs were being sent out. WHEW! OK.

Well, apparently, that was all a big lie, Because, today, my news-reading self saw that IndyMac is closed, and they are no longer processing loans, door shut.

Im not really sure where this leaves me.

Since I read the papers religiously, daily...Im not sure how I missed this.

Since I called those IM people just this week, again, Im not sure how I missed this....

So, silly me, just go get another loan, right? WRONG.

After the shambles that our credit has become (Im not complaining....Id rather have a healthy son than healthy credit)...I dont think anyone would even give us a loan....certainly not at the really nice rate we were getting with IM.

And, as things go, it's not like Im finding out on a Monday, no.....why find out on a Monday and miss out on the stressful, intestinal-knotting-event that will go on inside my stomach all weekend??? I mean, finding out right before all the banks close on a Friday is really the way to get the optimal ulcer-creating-effect from this situation, dont cha think? Who needs closure??

Besides, it gives me something to look forward to all weekend....I mean, I just cant wait to wake up and try to be the first phone call to the FDIC on Monday, asking what in the heck to do. And, Im pretty sure when they answer the phone, I will hear that sweet recording say something like, "Your wait time is approximately 34235345 bazillion minutes." Because, maybe there are a few other people losing their mind over this.

Im gonna try to go about my life this weekend, and limit my vomitting and migraines, as much as possible.

Farmers Market with Hippo Brigade in the morning....and some scrapbooking after church on Sunday. I promise to have some fun, really, because, I look kind of cute with a Super Hero umbrella -ella -ella on my head.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost like the Grammys

Well, what a huge success that was! Did you notice the crowded stampede of bloggers, rushing to receive their awards? I mean, wowee!!

So, um, anyways.....thank you Hippo Brigade for stopping by to pick up your award, I think Ill try to sell the other golden-winged statuettes on ebay.

Now, it's summertime, and what a fun time we are having!

This morning, Pooper greeted me with a long smooch, as he tends to do from time to time (and for clarification sake, it is a peck, with a close mouth!) And, I stopped him, as I do, to remind him that such a romantic kiss should be saved for his wife, when he is 30. I asked him (again) where he saw such affection, and he said, "Everyone on tv kisses like that. Sometimes, they kiss with their mouths open too and I figured out what they are doing"...

Me: (aghast and afraid) what?

Him: They are sharing their germs, so that then they wont get sick from each other. (that;s what we get for teaching him about the immune system.)

So, besides the usual routine around here, swimming, blah blah blah, play dates, blah blah blah, the kids had a visit from their Colorado Cousins.

One cute thing that our cousin Zacky said, he looked at Christine and said, "What is that brown stuff on her back??"

and his mom said, "That's her sun tan." LOL, I thought that was sooo funny.

Well, run along now and resume your day....thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Internet games

Internet games, and Im not talking about the kind that Francisca (God bless her soul) and "anonymous" play on dating, Im talking about internet games, like "tag" or whatever.....

One of my favorite bloggers, who is also one of my favorite people, but also the person that broke my heart when she told me, "we cant go to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, because it's not real." is Grandma J , and when I say "favorite" that is generous considering all the times in my life that she made me do chores, with lysol.

Grandma J is into internet games. Games like, "tag, you're it, now go and do X, Y, And Z."

this time, tag is the, "Arte de Pico" award....which is like, pico de gallo in a paint factory, but with gilded angels or something.

Here it is, see for yourself:

so anyways, the way this game works, Grandma J gave posted this award on her blog, "ask grandma J" and then told about 5 blogs and how great they are. One of those blogs was mine...and, it's not as much that my blog is great, but that, hello, she is my mom, she'd be in a bit of trouble if she didnt give the award to me, especially since Im her favorite, smartest, daughter, sorry....but, that's the truth.

So, now, I am to pass along the award to 5 other bloggers.

Let me just get this out there.....if this had happened a year or 6 months ago, I might have been all "gaaa!" over a certain blog. But, that blog has gone soooo commercial, that honestly, the new format caused me to lose interest, and not to mention, HELLO, throw me a $500 VISA gift card or a high end camera printer lady!! And, yes, I know, your fireworks display is better than Disneyland, and your lodge, I know!! Actually, it's a fantastic blog, but, it's not getting any award, sorry.

Nope, my awards will go to those blogs that I hurry to each hour, or day, or however often Ill admit to logging on....

The winners of the Arte de Pico angel with the golden wings award are:

My new friend, hippo brigade Her blog is light, funny, fresh, and well written. It doesnt drag on and on like mine, nope, she is short and very sweet. Go visit, tell her I sent you.

Another tres nouveau friend, Pumpkin Delight is worth visiting often. She is funny, which is a big important thing when I consider which blogs to read each day.

An oldie but goodie, Suburban Turmoil She is pretty much a professional blogger, but I wont hold that against her, because she is funny, and let's face it, there is a reason that people's blogs become popular - they are entertaining!

A blog that is more serious than funny, but that deserves an award: The Running Girl The gal trains for sporting events galore, to raise money for blood cancers....I mean, totally inspirational, but, I dont advise settling in with a box of bon bons or anything, unless you want to feel fat and guilty.

Finally, my favorite; Bossy I realize she is on the cusp of Doocing it, but she hasnt forgotten the little fact, I even met her on a her world famous tour, where she met those of us that admire her and stalk her. She was nice! And, her blog is the bomb!

Go check out those blogs, they are worth reading....dont worry if you are at work, the boss will never know. And for the SAHMs, so what about laundry and dishes, grab one of the kids pudding cups and relax, and read.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is a holiday that is a passionate celebration of freedom. For many, it brings forth fond memories, heart felt thanksgiving, and a sense of pride.

Share with us what Independence Day means to you; a patriotic remembrance, a heroes story, or simply your fondest memory of the 4th of July.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Q and A

As I was writing up the last post of loose ends, I realized there are many other unanswered questions that have come forth through this blog.

Sometimes people ask questions, which I expect to answer in an upcoming post....and then I get distracted. Or, there are special things that I elude to and promise to post, and my media guy is too busy to accomodate my requests to put up videos, pictures and such, and then the whole topic goes without explanation.

So, I thought now would be a good time to answer any questions that might be out there....I realize Im not Grandma J but you can still ask :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Loose Ends

To answer Grandma J, no, that wasnt the "end", but it was just a moment, a moment of panic realizing that the toilet was clogged, his rear end wasnt cleaned, and people were waiting.

Not to mention, there is a certain something when it all takes place in Santa Monica, and many of those in line waiting are homeless...which I found out later, is ther reason they never have any napkins or toilet paper, it gets stolen. In fact, the Starbucks guy (I forget their fancy names, not bustier...but something similar) told me that the Barnes and Noble shut down their bathroom, because it became a camp out for the homeless. And, for those interested, one homeless man that we saw throughout the day, was walking around with a princess pinata on his head, so, yeah, Andrew enjoyed the scenery at the 3rd Street Promenade.

Other loose ends.

I have been heartbroken, in a way, and didnt quite know how to break the news, that Francisca has dumped me. Her email account has been closed, all correspondence bounces back. There is a level of patheticism, when even the Nigerian Bank Scammers are turning you down. KWIM?

I have some GREAT Disney stories.....some pics I took of the girl in the , What-Not-To-Wear-To-Disneyland outfit.....

and of course, Pooper's acting showcase video, and Beauty's graduation video, but I am dependent on My Honey to upload things, and his timing is different than mine, especially since (as he recently told me) he isnt a fan of my blog! (insert some emoticon face here.)

Sort of to go along with my Disney photo....the other night, we were walking around Downtown Disney with my father in law (my very healthy, mentally sharp, father in law) who is a trustee (I think) for his county library system, and is here for a convention re: libraries. So....walking around, listening to some live music, compliments of a guy and his keyboard set up along the Disney walk....and this lady, HAD to be close to 100, and looking physically not that comfortable, was dancing.

She wasnt just dancing....she was swaying, lost in the music, and the large circle of admirers was more for her than the music, Im pretty sure. She had little bows in her hair, a mismatched outfit, which included, a tropical peach colored bra...which we could see as she danced, since she only had a colorful scarf on her upper body. She waver her hands, and quite honestly, I think she was still on a trip from 40 years ago.

One of the spectators was videotaping it, and me, not wanting to miss a "blog moment" asked him if he would email it to me (he said he would, but hasnt)....I thought it would go nicely with the photos I took of the gal dressed in spikes and short-shorts....but alas, that moment may never come to your eyes, dear readers, because I am at the mercy of others to provide the media accompaniments.

Those are just some random blog moments.....snippets of my life that seem surreal, or at least funny, or embarassing.

Do you have such moments in life?