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Monday, June 16, 2008

Being Beauty

I've been trying to figure out how to make a little photo icon that you can click on, to get to my new Being Beauty feature...but, Im lame and cant figure it out, but anways...

Here she is, my Beauty, being Beauty.

The kids have swim practice everyday after school, and when finished, I shower them off at the pool, wash their hair and then toussle it (or tossle it, or something) with some leave-in conditioner.

They change into some clean clothes (leaving me with their school clothes AND their towels to cart home....or, just leave in my car, take your pick.)

On this day in particular, Beauty did not like the clean clothes I had brought for her....a t-shirt and some sweat pants. As soon as we got home, she ran upstairs and changed. I was annoyed, because, hello, how many rounds of clothes can we go through in a day, or, let's try to stop feeding the laundry monster!

But she just couldnt stand to be in something "un-beautiful", even if it was only a short while til dinner, and then jammies and then bed.

So, for the 1.5 hours remaining in her day, she changed into something more her style...this little number, one of her favorites:

Let me just point out a few things.

Beauty likes to accessorize, first and foremost, so she has a "bracelet" (actually the strap from a watch), a beaded necklace that she made a couple of years ago at camp, and a funky barrette.

Her hair is still disheveled and laden with conditioner, but that didnt stop her from dolling it all up. She likes to put her barrettes way up top, by the part of her hair, just clipped on to the first row. Just for a special touch.

She has on some capri jeans, and her pink, spaghetti strapped top, which hangs long with a ruffle on the bottom. The piece d'resistance, is the cropped jacket that goes on top. So fashionable! As you can see, it has the short sleeves, and the short hemline falls at belly-button level....and, guess where she found this trendy jacket? nope, not Target Grandma J,

She found it in the pile of clothes I am setting aside for my cousin's soon-to-arrive baby girl. Yep, that little jacket, which is one of Beauty's Spring/Summer favorites, is a size......0-3 months!

Who would have thunk that such glamour could come from the clothes that havent fit for years? Im not sure that I even need to buy her any clothes for the rest of the decade.

she has such a knack for putting things together and looking Beauty...and that's what she is doing here...Being Beauty.

dont you wish we all could with such ease?


Grandma J said...

I love that jacket. Maybe I'll borrow it when I'm out there.

I can't wait to have a spa day with Beauty. We shop first because we need new flip flops before we go to the nail salon for out mani-pedi. Of course the Payless Shoe Store is right next to the Greatland Tarjay, where we browse for accessories.

I'm working on a plan for my one-on-one with Little one. I think she's "arrived" so to speak. Maybe we will have our initiation to "spa day".

Anonymous said...

That Beauty! Sorry I wasn't more help with the picture link. I think I just made it more confusing.

That cardigan/baby jacket is REALLY Cute on her. Project Runway here she comes!

Any news from our refuge friend? Maybe they have a list that circulates among those scammers and they know that you have played the system too many times!

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about that jacket is had I not been told it was a baby jacket I would still assume she has good taste. Three quarter length sleeves crop cardigan is actually really fashionable. I have several in many colors. Beauty has a great sense of fashion.

jlo said...

Beauty and my Olivia could be BFF's for sure!!

Jennifer, Sam's mama said...

Kim (or do you have an alias I should be using?)

So enjoying your blog. Love the little one's fashion sense. So smart to use a newborn's sweater! And hope the Nigerian Bank scammers get back to you soon. Could be very interesting....

hippo brigade said...

she's so dang creative!
On a unrelated note, I would love to eat some chocolate with you, but I may have to decline because we are leaving to go out of town that monday morning. And I have a good feeling that I'm going to procrastinate packing and cleaning my house (I have to clean because my mom is staying over) until Sunday night.

Carole said...

Wow, she is super stylin'! Even mixing and matching infant and girl clothes, now THAT is talent! :-) She is totally adorable, btw!

I'm tagging you for a meme tomorrow but NO OBLIGATION! If anything hopefully you'll get a few readers to come your way. Love your blog!