The Chocolate Lady

Monday, September 15, 2008

Life Interrupted

It's funny, that as the kids scooted off to school (great 1st day pics, which will be up when my IT guy uploads them...), my life slowed down. Suddenly, it was just me, and Little One (who is napping for 3-4 hours of the day), and you would have thought I would have started a blogging frenzy.

Instead, I decided to spend my free time cleaning my house. All my baseboards are dust free, the laundry room floor is visible, and....ERrrrr.....sorry, I didnt mean to lie, I was just caught up in a dream.

Actually, I have had more free time, but it has been poured into my little chocolate business.

I know it sounds frivolous, and silly, and unimportant, but I really believe that God is going to use this to help us crawl out of all the medical debt.

Today marks my 3 month anniversary with Dove Chocolates, and did you know that last week they announced our standing in a new incentive program, and guess who has the most points in the country?? go ahead, guess? It's me!!

Dove chocolates is not new, Mars. Inc is the parent company..makers of M&Ms and Snickers, and they have been around FOREVER. But the "at-home party" line, is new, and honestly, to be at the beginning of a new direct-sales company, is a blessing.

So, I have been busy building my team, and having "chocolate tasting parties", and it's left me too pooped to blog. I mean, I still find time to do the important things, like leave snarky comments on Grandma J's blog , but too tired to journal on my own.

Plus, most of what has been going on has been excitement about my new endeavor, and I figured you all didnt want to hear about THAT....

Id have put up some fun pictures of my kids with their new baby cousin Sophia, or Baby Preston (who is almost 1 year old!!)....but my IT guy has been busy.

As for Pooper's tests....he hasnt had any yet! He feels and looks fine, and Im sure he is, and Ill let you know when the tests are done so we can just confirm that he his well.

Funny thing...Pooper and I had just laid down to take a nap, and he said,

Pooper: Am I average?

Me: (thinking of all the ways he is exceptional)...Um, yeah, you are avarage.

Pooper: Are YOU average?

Me: (thinking of all the ways that *I* am exceptional, lol) Sure, Im average.

Pooper: Oh, good, then just close your eyes, because I read that if the average person closes their eyes and keeps them shut for 7 minutes, they will fall asleep.

All those sleepless nights, apparently, I just needed to close my eyes!

**be back soon ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

you asked for it

Ok, some of my two readers have asked me to put up pictures, wondering what I look like. So, I put up one of the only pics that I have....which is now my official HSH picture...see it? The one Grandma J calls my, "Pineapple Princess" picture....because it was taken with one of the floral crowns on my head.

There was a time in my life, when I wore cute clothes and shopped at the Liz Claiborne, thanks to an increased size, compliments of Marble Slab Creamery, I usually can be seen wearing my old maternity you can imagine, that doesnt make me want to jump in front of the camera. So, there are few pictures of me....

HOWEVER, on Friday, you may get to see me, in my finest. Finest meaning, I took Pooper to do a video clip for the Stand Up 2 Cancer benefit (airing on all major networks this Friday)....and I had laryngitis, and my voice sounded like a tranny smoker (no offense to transvestites or smokers, or those who are both.) And, while he was doing his interview, and recounting his journey, and listing off all of his friends in Heaven, I began to cry, just a bit. And then, the directors asked me to come stand in front of the cameras....

Normally, I would have been all hammy and got on my soapbox and told them about childhood cancer, and how the kids are usually left out of research dollars, blah blah blah.

But, I was off track, crying, and trying to say very little, as my voice was totally gone...and when your voice is gone, and your crying, trust me, you sound hideous.

But, it's not about me...I realize that, so, Im encouraging you watch, to have fun laughing at me, to be touched by the many stories of bravery and loss, for you to say, "wow, Pooper is so handsome!"....just watch!

And if you would join our team, I would be grateful. We are one of the largest, and the top teams will be recognized during the broadcast. Just go to When you join our team, you can put "kids with cancer" in the search engine. The bald boy with the feeding tube....that's Pooper, just a few years ago. Please join us.

And for those wondering...those heading up SU2C heard us, and pediatric organizations are now represented!!

If you can also donate, I would be very appreciative. I know times are tough, but you can only imagine how tough it is for kids fighting cancer. If you can give big, please do. If you cant, please consider giving up something...a latte, a lunch, turn your computer off for a day and donate the reduction in your electric bill (LOL, sorry, I realize that would be 1/2 a cent.)....Clean out your car or between the cushions of your furniture...and donate the change. Do I sound desperate for donations? In all reality, these kids are desperate for donations. Really.