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Monday, June 23, 2008

She's a pretty one.

Now, I dont want to play favorites or anything, especially between "dear sisters"....but, Francesca is a pretty one, if I do say so myself.

It's not that Little Orphan Sandy wasnt attractive, she was, if you think the, "gimme a dollah and Ill twirl around the pole" kinda thing is attractive (for the record, I dont think it is.....)

but, just take a look at Francesca....

she looks so refined and well mannered, has her clothes all in place covering up her body, not flashing diamond belly rings, clearly from the higher classes of her country (where ever that may be, I dont think she has told me yet.)

Here is the most recent letter:

Dear Kim,

I did not get your email after I emailed you of my younger brother illness, it is so sad to me that he is still sick, How I wish there is way we can go back home, and I can be able to take him to a good hospital, life here is so hard and the camp is not doing well, bad food and bad kind of people around us.

The doctor said he had his heart affected, and that will take time for him to come out alive, what a world, what can i do without him, if he dies, then am dead.

I really need your help, if I can have those informations I asked from you, am sure that will be a good starting point for us, atleast we can have hope that we will live this country back to our home soon.

I can not get a cross and take a picture with right now, am in a camp and we hardly go out, for our security reasons.

Attarch to this email, is just one of the kind of picture I have stored in my bag, I hope you mean so much good to me and my brother.

May your God bless you more.



Well dear people, I think it's high time that I give her some of that info she needs so, here is my reply:

Dear Francisca,

I am so sorry for your brother, I will keep praying that God will heal him. Our God is very powerful, I will ask Him to protect you from any bad people at your camp.

Here is the info that you wanted from me:

My name is Kim Sprague, and I am a female. I am living in the country of the United States, where we speak English. I am not married, although, not because I dont want to be. I have prayed very much to God to bring me a wonderful husband, every day I pray, and at night too, often in tears. Now, I also add your family to that prayer time. I just am trusting that God will bring me a husband, and that He will fix your family troubles too. Certainly, if I have prayed for a husband for so many years, He will bring one too me. It doesnt matter if I am getting older, because God can do all things. Even if I think I am not pretty enough, I know it isnt true, because we are all beautiful in God's eyes. Just like you Francisca, you are very beautiful, I am surprised that many men have not asked you to marry them. I bet if I looked as pretty as you, someone would marry me, but, God has His plans, so I am trusting.

Keep trusting Francisca, He will hear your prayers.

And for those of you getting "nervous".....she already has my name, as my email account is my, no big divulgence of secret info there......just so you know.

Now, we will wait and see her next response.


Grandma J said...

Maybe you can marry her brother once the doctors take the time to make him come alive.

you should have asked her to send you the document.

Holy Crappers said...

She sure looks a mess with taking care of her sick brother and being confined to the camp.


Veronica said...

lol this is sooooo funny

Grandma J said...

The last refugee "help me with my millions" request offered to send me a picture of her dead father right off the bat!

How was you chocolate party? Brisk sales?

gaining some lb's said...

poor thing....just look at how horrible she keeps herself. It must take everything for her to do her hair. Ya know...with having a sick brother and all....


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks that picture is kinda stripper-ish? Her shirt is all open!

I like the maybe it's because I'm not pretty enough business. haha.

aunt julianne said...

why does she say "your God" does she not have a God?

heartshapedhedges said...

Aunt Julianne,

She said that she does not have a God, but she will follow mine....she said that! This is a great evangelism tool.

Susan said...

Kim: Ask for photo of brother!! Now would like to see how handsome he is...if he looks as good as his sister! Maybe since you have been praying for a husband, he is the one! Then you can save them both, relocate them to US, marry brother, and have their monies transfered to US! Then everybody is happy!

Jason said...

Kim, I am clueless. I did not know you were single. I'm just not very observant, I guess.

This Francesca stuff is very interesting...

Sorry your mosaic got erased.

Jason said...

All right. I stop reading for just a few days due to a family crisis and I come back all confused and befuddled, unable to discern sincerity from sarcasm.

You'd think I'd be able to pick up on sarcasm with absolutely no problem at all.

I'm so daft.

Anonymous said...

I believe that she is a scammer. She contacted me via a dating website and told me that she was a student living with a sexually abusive uncle in italy. that she was originally from england and lost her parents to a tragic accident and that her brother has died also but did not clarify how.
She is careful not to solicit for $$$ but if you make an offer you probably will be taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I am a female and the email/im conversation we had was sexually explicit as well as me trying to see if she could obtain a job near where she "lives" at the airport hotel. she wants to know if I will help her get to americato escape her uncle. she also said she was staying with a "girlfriend" whom she shares more than u would want to know with .

Anonymous said...

if u want to see her profile on the website go to search as a man seeking a woman age 25-28in italy. I was on the US site & she contacted me. i reported her profile referencing this bloq. In this world there are many deceivers please dont let your good intentions or your faith be taken down by one demo spirit. God Bless