The Chocolate Lady

Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogging moments

Im not sure if other bloggers go through this, (I should have asked the gals at our Bossy's Excellent Adventure gathering), but from time to time, or on some days, constantly, I find myself in situations that make me say, "Im gonna have to write about this on my blog!" Sometimes it's in a funny way, and sometimes it's in a no-one-is-gonna-believe-this kind of way.

Case in point. Today.

Pooper got on audition for (and bear with me, I dont even know what this all means...) a "sag, short film, being produced and directed by George Clooney's partner, Grant Heslov."

So, it was off to Santa Monica this morning...with Little One at a neighbor/baby sitter, and Beauty at swim team/play date with a friend, Pooper and I drove the 2 hours to the northern shores of Los Angeles, and he had his audition. As usual, we were in and out within 15 minutes.

I signed him in, and they immediately called him into their office (mom's dont go in, we wait outside in the hall.) I went to the restroom around the corner, and when I got back, he was done. OK.

Then the gal says, "Can you bring him back tonight at 5:40 so he can meet the director?"

I must have looked puzzled, as I wondered things like, "What will I do with the girls?" "Do I have time to go home and come back, and is it worth it with these gas prices?"....

She broke through my gaze with, "Or, if you cant, I can just show him on tape."

Me: Um, No, I can bring him back, Im just thinking......yes, we will be back, but we are not from around here, do you know where there is a place to hang out nearby?

She had the cameraman help me out, and he told me how to get to the 3rd Street Promenade, which is a fancy name for a busy street with restaurants and a theater. Perfect, because *someone* would need a nap, and the theater was our best hope.

We found our way, and had some time before Kung Fu Panda was to begin. We walked down near the water, actually to a cliff over the water, and Pooper became fascinated with the squirrel village that had been created in the cliff. We saw, literally, tens of squirrels, running in and out of holes and tunnels, it was really neat, but made me wonder if the ground beneath us was sturdy.

But anyways, I have not even gotten to the blog forward, to browsing the books at Barnes and Nobles, when Pooper has to go potty. The bathroom is downstairs, in Starbucks. Fine.

We get into a long line, and Pooper begins to shuffle his feet. The man in front of us was kind enough to let Pooper go first, probably when he heard me offer Pooper my water bottle, and Pooper shook his head "NO" and pointed to his rear end, signaling #2.

We get into the bathroom...the TOILET PAPER-LESS bathroom, and Pooper does his thing. I rush out, to get some toilet paper, only to be told that the entire Starbucks, is out of toilet paper AND napkins, in the middle of the day!

Thank God for my guardian angel, because as I ran back to the bathroom (mindful of the crowd waiting in line) I spotted a stack of paper towels, and snatched them up!

As I was wiping Pooper's bottom, it was one of those situations, where the more you wipe, the more there is. Sorry for TMI, but isnt always when you are in a hurry that you just cant get it clean??? After each wipe, I flushed the toilet, because if I tried to flush them all together, the toilet would clog.

So, wiping the never-ending poopy bottom, and on flush in particular didnt go down, in fact, I thought,

"This toilet is clogged.....there is a line outside, impatiently waiting.....this kid still has poop on his bottom, if I cant get him clean, h e is gonna stink when he meets up with George Clooney's partner....and the line outside is getting restless, and this toilet is clogged now, and THIS IS A BLOG MOMENT."


Grandma J said...

That's the end?

Holy crap! (get it?)

Pumpkin Delight said...

I go through my day and say, "Oh my god, I have to blog about that!" a lot. But when I try to write a post, I forget all those good ideas.

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