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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Loose Ends

To answer Grandma J, no, that wasnt the "end", but it was just a moment, a moment of panic realizing that the toilet was clogged, his rear end wasnt cleaned, and people were waiting.

Not to mention, there is a certain something when it all takes place in Santa Monica, and many of those in line waiting are homeless...which I found out later, is ther reason they never have any napkins or toilet paper, it gets stolen. In fact, the Starbucks guy (I forget their fancy names, not bustier...but something similar) told me that the Barnes and Noble shut down their bathroom, because it became a camp out for the homeless. And, for those interested, one homeless man that we saw throughout the day, was walking around with a princess pinata on his head, so, yeah, Andrew enjoyed the scenery at the 3rd Street Promenade.

Other loose ends.

I have been heartbroken, in a way, and didnt quite know how to break the news, that Francisca has dumped me. Her email account has been closed, all correspondence bounces back. There is a level of patheticism, when even the Nigerian Bank Scammers are turning you down. KWIM?

I have some GREAT Disney stories.....some pics I took of the girl in the , What-Not-To-Wear-To-Disneyland outfit.....

and of course, Pooper's acting showcase video, and Beauty's graduation video, but I am dependent on My Honey to upload things, and his timing is different than mine, especially since (as he recently told me) he isnt a fan of my blog! (insert some emoticon face here.)

Sort of to go along with my Disney photo....the other night, we were walking around Downtown Disney with my father in law (my very healthy, mentally sharp, father in law) who is a trustee (I think) for his county library system, and is here for a convention re: libraries. So....walking around, listening to some live music, compliments of a guy and his keyboard set up along the Disney walk....and this lady, HAD to be close to 100, and looking physically not that comfortable, was dancing.

She wasnt just dancing....she was swaying, lost in the music, and the large circle of admirers was more for her than the music, Im pretty sure. She had little bows in her hair, a mismatched outfit, which included, a tropical peach colored bra...which we could see as she danced, since she only had a colorful scarf on her upper body. She waver her hands, and quite honestly, I think she was still on a trip from 40 years ago.

One of the spectators was videotaping it, and me, not wanting to miss a "blog moment" asked him if he would email it to me (he said he would, but hasnt)....I thought it would go nicely with the photos I took of the gal dressed in spikes and short-shorts....but alas, that moment may never come to your eyes, dear readers, because I am at the mercy of others to provide the media accompaniments.

Those are just some random blog moments.....snippets of my life that seem surreal, or at least funny, or embarassing.

Do you have such moments in life?


Holy Crappers said...

Damn, going to miss Francesca


Grandma J said...

Starbucks = barrista

Bustier is a piece of ladies lingerie.
Unless some cross dresser is browsing around Downtown Disney.

Maybe Francesca didn't like the idea of you being limited income.

Anonymous said...

bustier - lingerie

Barrista - Starbucks guy/girl pouring coffee, getting laid off soon since Starbucks os closing a few hundred stores.

The Running Girl said...

You crack me up. But I find myself thinking of things that need to be blogged as well. My problem is finding the time to do it.

BOSSY said...

In Bossy World: Life is just a series of those moments.

gaining some lb's said...

I'm sorry you lost your foreign friend. Poor thing, you must be devestated. maybe her brother is back to normal from all of your prayers?


Anonymous said...

Kim nice to see you love all your kids........they are precious. Will miss you and family. please come visit soon.........Frog will just love the video of always, peace,
johnna (the baby)

Rebeckah said...

You know what? You are super smart if you are a psychotherapist, so I bet you could learn how to do the media stuff by yourself. It is as easy as plugging in the camera : ). For real. I can't do a lot of things, but I can do that.

Your kids love swimming? Kaish loves practice, but hates meets. It could be due to the fact that they are from 6:00 to 11:00 and he normally goes to bed at 8:30 but I don't know : ). He usually makes lots of friends but this summer he is having a hard time at swimming. I am kind of having a hard time meeting nice mommy's at swimming too. Everyone seems so snobby.

I probably should have sent an email instead of leaving a 9 paragraph comment : ). I don't know your email though!

heartshapedhedges said...

Hi Rebeckah,

My son hates swim practice, but enjoys the meets. Beauty loves it all (meets especially.)

We are fortunate to have such a great swim team, wonderful kids and parents. Some people would classify many of our neighbors as snobby, but I will say that the nicest folks are on the swim team :) Which is lucky for me, cause I cant keep up with snobby.

As for the media stuff....thanks for having confidence in me, Ill admit, part of the lameness is me, and part is the fact that our computer is too old to support the camera software, so, My Honey has to do things on his work computer and then send them (or transfer via that plug in thingy), I do need his hand in it all (sigh)

Hope you are having a great 4th!

Rebeckah said...

Hey Heart Shaped Hedges Friend : ),

I COMPLETELY understand your dilemna now! I had no idea you had to transfer them to that plug thing! I don't understand that either. I thought you could just plug it into your computer and go.

I am so glad your pool friends are nice. I don't know why the ladies here are snobby. It isn't like we live in the best neighborhood around. I mean, it is nice, but not so nice that you have to be snobby : ).

Did you have a nice fourth of july? I am trying to think of a nice story or thought to post but I am having a writing block today. I hope your Saturday in pretty California is sensational.

Jill B. said...

Blogging is quite new to me. I have found that I like reading other people's blogs, but then don't post my funny stories. Need to remedy that.

Funny story for me...would be letting my kids watch Elf the movie with Will Ferrell. All three of my kids will imitate the part of the movie where Elf rides an escalator for the first time--he has never encountered anything like it. My children--5, 9, 12--all have their own interpretation of the scene. They have taken to doing this impersonation when they ask for something that they think I will say no to...lately I say Yes!