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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Internet games

Internet games, and Im not talking about the kind that Francisca (God bless her soul) and "anonymous" play on dating, Im talking about internet games, like "tag" or whatever.....

One of my favorite bloggers, who is also one of my favorite people, but also the person that broke my heart when she told me, "we cant go to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, because it's not real." is Grandma J , and when I say "favorite" that is generous considering all the times in my life that she made me do chores, with lysol.

Grandma J is into internet games. Games like, "tag, you're it, now go and do X, Y, And Z."

this time, tag is the, "Arte de Pico" award....which is like, pico de gallo in a paint factory, but with gilded angels or something.

Here it is, see for yourself:

so anyways, the way this game works, Grandma J gave posted this award on her blog, "ask grandma J" and then told about 5 blogs and how great they are. One of those blogs was mine...and, it's not as much that my blog is great, but that, hello, she is my mom, she'd be in a bit of trouble if she didnt give the award to me, especially since Im her favorite, smartest, daughter, sorry....but, that's the truth.

So, now, I am to pass along the award to 5 other bloggers.

Let me just get this out there.....if this had happened a year or 6 months ago, I might have been all "gaaa!" over a certain blog. But, that blog has gone soooo commercial, that honestly, the new format caused me to lose interest, and not to mention, HELLO, throw me a $500 VISA gift card or a high end camera printer lady!! And, yes, I know, your fireworks display is better than Disneyland, and your lodge, I know!! Actually, it's a fantastic blog, but, it's not getting any award, sorry.

Nope, my awards will go to those blogs that I hurry to each hour, or day, or however often Ill admit to logging on....

The winners of the Arte de Pico angel with the golden wings award are:

My new friend, hippo brigade Her blog is light, funny, fresh, and well written. It doesnt drag on and on like mine, nope, she is short and very sweet. Go visit, tell her I sent you.

Another tres nouveau friend, Pumpkin Delight is worth visiting often. She is funny, which is a big important thing when I consider which blogs to read each day.

An oldie but goodie, Suburban Turmoil She is pretty much a professional blogger, but I wont hold that against her, because she is funny, and let's face it, there is a reason that people's blogs become popular - they are entertaining!

A blog that is more serious than funny, but that deserves an award: The Running Girl The gal trains for sporting events galore, to raise money for blood cancers....I mean, totally inspirational, but, I dont advise settling in with a box of bon bons or anything, unless you want to feel fat and guilty.

Finally, my favorite; Bossy I realize she is on the cusp of Doocing it, but she hasnt forgotten the little fact, I even met her on a her world famous tour, where she met those of us that admire her and stalk her. She was nice! And, her blog is the bomb!

Go check out those blogs, they are worth reading....dont worry if you are at work, the boss will never know. And for the SAHMs, so what about laundry and dishes, grab one of the kids pudding cups and relax, and read.


Grandma J said...

Yeah, that Arte Y Pico de Gallo award is pretty cool.
I'm glad you picked The Running Girl because I almost did, but then I thought you or Cortney could do it.

You picked Bossy? OMG, do you know how busy she is? As of right now, she's out hanging clothes on the line to limit her carbon footprint...yeah, and she just got through picking up all the beverage containers from the graduates' week in the Hamptons...or somewhere close by. So yeah, Bossy will rush right on over to pick up her reward..I mean award.

Don't forget to put the award in your side margin, and you forgot to put Pumpkin in your tags. Maybe throwing in the tag "shamwow" would be a wise thing too. Lord knows it's the tag that keeps on giving.

Grandma J said...

....and you forgot hippo. Let's not confuse your readers....I don't have a favorite daughter!
the end.

That One Girl said...

Thanks for the tips on the great blogs to read, they're quite funny. I have reading yours for awhile now and truly enjoy the adventures you go through.

I originally ended up here because I work with pediatric cancer patients through the Okizu foundation and actually worked with Mary R.'s kids, saw the link to Andrews caringbridge which eventually led me to your blog. So I have been enjoying your blog ever since!

Rebeckah said...

You are such a nice blogger heart shaped hedges : ) and I totally LOVE your mom! I hope you are having a fun week with your munchkins. We have had 2 swim meets this week and we have 1 more tomorrow. Everyone is tired and grumpy! I hope your house is GRUMP FREE!

hippo brigade said...

whoo hoo! I got an award! Thank you for your kind words, and for thinking of me. ::blushing::
We should get the kidlets together soon for a play date and a chocolate swap.

Jason said...

Congratulations to all!!! And I think I figured out who you DIDN'T give the pico de gallo award to.

And yes, Bossy never forgets the little guy. That's why she remembered me in the first place.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Ha, ha! That's great! Thanks so much! I'm sorry I didn't rush right over here and receive my award sooner, but I've been out of town for the week. That is an honor to be awarded right alongside Bossy, aka "Blog Queen".
You're the best!

BOSSY said...

Thank you, dearie. Bossy thinks linky lurve is the new Safe Sex.