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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost like the Grammys

Well, what a huge success that was! Did you notice the crowded stampede of bloggers, rushing to receive their awards? I mean, wowee!!

So, um, anyways.....thank you Hippo Brigade for stopping by to pick up your award, I think Ill try to sell the other golden-winged statuettes on ebay.

Now, it's summertime, and what a fun time we are having!

This morning, Pooper greeted me with a long smooch, as he tends to do from time to time (and for clarification sake, it is a peck, with a close mouth!) And, I stopped him, as I do, to remind him that such a romantic kiss should be saved for his wife, when he is 30. I asked him (again) where he saw such affection, and he said, "Everyone on tv kisses like that. Sometimes, they kiss with their mouths open too and I figured out what they are doing"...

Me: (aghast and afraid) what?

Him: They are sharing their germs, so that then they wont get sick from each other. (that;s what we get for teaching him about the immune system.)

So, besides the usual routine around here, swimming, blah blah blah, play dates, blah blah blah, the kids had a visit from their Colorado Cousins.

One cute thing that our cousin Zacky said, he looked at Christine and said, "What is that brown stuff on her back??"

and his mom said, "That's her sun tan." LOL, I thought that was sooo funny.

Well, run along now and resume your day....thanks for stopping by.


Grandma J said...

Look who's calling the kettle a ummm a kettle. Where's your Blog*Hussy? Or are you too good for that too?

How funny of Zachy. Kel said he loved playing with Beauty.

Rebeckah said...

I don't have anything to resume today! We just got back from a swim meet at 9:30! YAY! This is a good day. Hope you have fun with the cousins. They must be cool since they have sun tans : ).

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I too gave my Art E Pico awards to cute blogs that aren't famous...those are the best...with real people that others are not obsessed over...and I think "what is all over her back," is pretty darn cute!

Pumpkin Delight said...

Kid's say the darndest things! Everytime I hear something funny from one of my students I threaten to write it down and do a book someday, but ya, who am I kidding. There won't be a book, but they are still funny.

PS: Love the "Shelf" by the way.