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Friday, July 18, 2008

all I want is a stinkin vacation or, why Im not at BLOG HER 08

Here's the deal.

There's a major "blog conference" going on (my non-blogging friends are like, "heh??") But yeah, bloggers gather, sit around with their laptops (which, maybe were provided by their sponsors) and talk about blogging. I know, the excitement from just *thinking* about it has you squeeling!

Im not there, Im blogging from my "office", on the computer that frequently freezes up and says, "your computer is low on memory." And, I made the stupid mistake of dropping a bit of delicious "skin" from my extra-crispy piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and now their is an ANT CONFERENCE on my desk.

but, whatever.

Earlier, the Queen of blogging posted about the Blog Her conference, and she showed a picture, and mentioned the parties and "break out groups" and stuff....and, I got a teensy, tiny, tadly bit envious when she mentioned that the topic of one such group was, "how to make money from your blog."

Now, if you dont blog, you're eyes are rolling back in your head by now, and this is, understandably, of no interest to you.

But, if you are a blogger...probably you arent even at Blog Her 08, because if you were, you would be listening to some wildly popular blogger share their insights, rather than reading my little post.

Unless of course, maybe someone is having a "break out" group about me...yeah, a whole group reading my blog and talking about how clever and fancy I am, and how they should all aspire to be a blogger like me. Or, maybe using me as an example of what not to do, unless you want the same 4 readers...and that's it. Ok, they probably arent talking about me. They dont even KNOW me, although I did meet Bossy, and she's there, so 6 degrees of separation and all that......

Back to that break out group about making money from your blog. Um, Im gonna take a wild guess and say that the folks who would most benefit from that info....the folks that might most want to hear that....and glean some fabulous ideas, are NOT THE FOLKS IN ATTENDANCE.

Take, for example, that that gal whose husband quit his job, and the family's sole income source is her blog....PROBABLY, wild guess here, she has no need for that group.

Me on the other hand, well, ever since I met Bossy on her Excellent Adventure tour of the country...the one sponsored by a major auto manufacturer named SATURN, Um, I thought, hey, Id like to make enough money to go to Beaches with the kids.

Not to play the pity card or anything, especially since none of you own Beaches...or, I totally would purposely use the pity card...but we had planned to go to Beaches with Pooper and Beauty, but then he got cancer, and, let me just say, a 2.5 year old with cancer kinda ruins the family vacation plans.

But now, that he is doing well, and we have Little One, who is all up in a fatizzle about Elmo...we would like to go to Beaches...where the kids can frolick with the Sesame Street characters while I relax...IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

Anyhoo....bossy planted that "sponsorship" seed, and I thought, HEY, if I had a few more readers, maybe Sesame Street or Beaches could sponsor me, and I could blog about our family vacation. I mean, my kids are chalk full of blog fodder, trust me, it would be no different just because Big Bird was there.

So, point being, I would LOVE to know how to make some money, and earn our family a vacation, but Im not there, cause it takes money to get there (hello vicious circle of life!)

but if anyone is there, or is listening to some bootleg pod cast or whatever....and they happend to mention, "how to get Beaches to sponsor your family vacation by blogging about it" at that Blog Her conference....please let me know.

And, just to make sure to take Grandma J's advice, (because Im nothing if not the world's most obedient daughter)..Im gonna throw in some "high traffic" tags, to increase my readership, and get one step closer to a sponsored goes....

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Jason said...

Oh, now, THAT's a good idea, throwing in those high traffic tags. I NEVER thought of that before.

Hey. I have never used the "f" word until yesterday in my blog. (I was quoting that t-shirt, you know.) Do ya suppose I'll get more traffic now, too?

Rebeckah said...

Wow, this was interesting. I have a friend that does something called Pay Per Post. Have you thought about that? I hope you have a happpy and sunny day in California.

Grandma J said...

Yeah, ShamWow has done wonders for my traffic count. I think everyone should throw that word out there. I wonder how much the Green Bags have helped Pumpkin Delight?
I really think you have to exploid the whole Sesame thing, and maybe change your header have elmo hangingout an upstairs window...Big Bird can be moving the lawn, or sunbathing on it...the Cookie Monster can join Pooper's swim team Just an idea.

Katrine said...

Your tags crack me up! I didn't even really think about going to the blog conference until I saw people posting from the conference. And then I was wishing I was there! Speaking of the Queen of blogging, my brother met her, and she slept at his house, and I wasn't there either! Sometimes life is so unfair. So, I'll go back to my laundry and have a pity party amongst the dirty towels!

Grandma J said...

Katrine, don't be jealous of your brother...or the blog conference.

You can start one and call it Blogfest (clap clap) Deep in The Heart of Texas (clap clap)

Always Home and Uncool said...

Don't sell your soul to the Man ... even if it is a woman. Be a poor yet happy blogger, like me! Interesting post.

beachbum said...

HEy YOu can always drive up and see frog and me. HEllo pooper, beauty, little one and is it big daddy?


sista #2 said...

Dont be sad.
Sista #1 & 2 will be holding a BeerBlogFest. You are offically invited.


jlo said...

I say you, me, Jason, Grandma J and Pumpkin have our own Blog Party...we're not sell outs anyway!! ;)

But, a nice paid vacation to Beaches with Sesame Street to watch the kids sure would be nice.

Grandma J said...

Jlo, when I come to CA after my cruise in Sept, I'd love to meet you crazy Jasonites. Maybe be can all go to dinner and get someone to clog on the table afterwards. Wouldn't that be a kick in the arse?