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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I missed it, did you?

Season 5 of Project Runway started, and drats! I missed the premiere. I went and read all about the first episode at bravo online. You can read all the bios, see pictures of the first challenge "outfits" and more!

Austin Scarlet was the guest judge, and um, yeah, nice outfit Austin! At least he didnt come dressed as Little Bo Peep (remember that dress???) and let's not forget, he designed the wedding dress for the OC Housewife (Lauri) for her 32nd marriage! (ok, Im exaggerating, but did you see that wedding, with like crystals dripping from the trees? PUHLEEZE!)

Tim Gunn recapped the first challenge, which took place in....wait for it....a grocery store! He was annoyed that most "designers" went for the obvious, such as plastic table cloths....I guess he was looking for more of a coconut bikini???

Here is his accounting of the winners outfit: (taken from the Bravo Website, please dont sue me for plagerism!)

"Kelli WINS! This is, indeed, a great way to being the new season! Kelli created a short, A-line skirt out of vacuum cleaner bags that she bleached and dyed. She paired this with a corset top made out of muslin, the waistband of which was covered with gold thumbtacks and the bust was defined with burned coffee filters. Both garments were secured by using a spiral binding from a notebook as the closure, which was brilliantly executed. From a distance, there was no indicator that this look wasn't fresh from Fashion Week, which was precisely the goal of this challenge. Congratulations, Kelli!"

And, Ill just add, that this looks pretty good. Who would have thought?? Tres Chic!

For some, the grocery store did nothing to inspire the imagination....take for example, this little get-up, and dont forget to read the pain on the models face!

Jerry was AUT! He used a plastic table cloth and plastic shower curtain (ROFL) , and in Tim Gunn's words, she looked like she was going to, "dump chemical waste"...Ouch! Not fashionable!

If you go to the link above, you can see all the runway designs and even rate them, such fun!

For those like me, that missed episode 1, now we are all caught up and ready to roll!

PS. check out my updated, hot out of the microwave, blog roll!


Grandma J said...

Nice outfits. I don't watch that show, I watched Big Brother and BADD.
Impressive blog roll, and what's the deal with "sham wow" in your tag line?

jlo said...

No way did I miss it!! I'm glad you are all caught up. Do you watch BB too like Grandma J?

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!

The Dorsey Boys said...

Missed it too. I hope they have someone as honest and "fierce" like last season's Christian. I loved it when he ripped everbody else's outfits!

beachbum said...

cloe (sp) selling on QVC Loved her stuff

Pumpkin Delight said...

You've, thank goodness, only missed one episode. I liked the girl's who won, the cup guy, and the pasta guy's best. Are you going to post weekly about Runway. I hope so...I love that show.

Kristin said...

I love me some Tim Gunn and Project Runway...

Rebeckah said...

I caught the end of that show. You know what cracks me up about the dress that won? The model really has NO BOOBS! None at all. I mean who in the world could wear coffee filters as a shirt? Thanks for the detailed review. You are the best!

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