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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sham What the heck?

I just received a disturbing phone call...

A woman calls, laughing so hysterically, that all I can understand is,

LOL...Sham WOW....Sham Wow....LOL.....Site Meter...Sham Wow....LOL....My blog...Sham Wow....5000 hits this morning...Sham Wow....LOL

After getting her to SETTLE DOWN, Grandma J goes on to tell me that her blog is being inundated with visitors (inundated meaning 5000 by 9:30 am) and they are primarily coming from Google searches of Sham Wow.

She tells me to Google "Sham Wow" and see what comes up, and sure enough, Ask Grandma J is the 3rd on the list.

Sham what the heck? Grandma J hasnt blogged about Sham Wow in some time!

I wonder what all those avid-car washing, infomercial-watching folks think when they stumble upon her sight and read about JJ the talking dog?

Gotta run, the kidlets are home...back from their Saturday morning fun-date with daddy at the local McDonalds playland. There must be new "happy meal" toys, because I can what sounds like a siren going off, and My Honey demanding that someone, "FOR THE LAST TIME, TURN THAT OFF!"

fun day ahead, will share later.


Anonymous said...

Grandma J got all those hits not from Google searches, but because Michael K from Dlisted put her blog on his site. ;)

Jason said...

Hey! Hits are hits, right? Or maybe not so much.

Not-So-Naughty Voyeur said...

Yeah, I followed the link from DListed :) Then I laughed at your comment about paper towels.. because I feel the same! The guilt and shame I feel each time I throw one away is annoying, but each time I get a sparkly clean new paper towel to clean the next surface.. I get over it :) I hate washing things to clean dirty surfaces, seems like it will never be clean enough. I will die the day they come out with a washable toilet paper. Yak!

Rebeckah said...

I just laughed my head off about the strip pole comment you left on your mom's site! I can't believe she got all those hits. She is the coolest! And you are cool too! You have heart shaped hedges after all. Have a happy week!

Pumpkin Delight said...

She's famous now!