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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Q and A

As I was writing up the last post of loose ends, I realized there are many other unanswered questions that have come forth through this blog.

Sometimes people ask questions, which I expect to answer in an upcoming post....and then I get distracted. Or, there are special things that I elude to and promise to post, and my media guy is too busy to accomodate my requests to put up videos, pictures and such, and then the whole topic goes without explanation.

So, I thought now would be a good time to answer any questions that might be out there....I realize Im not Grandma J but you can still ask :)


The Running Girl said...

I know pooper auditions for stuff - are you going to let beauty and little one do that, too???

Grandma J said...

Swimming pictures too. And maybe some at your neigborhood water park.
Is Little One learning to swim? I know Pooper and Beauty did at her age.

Grandma J said...

Oh and your readers want to know what happened with the landlord from you cabin rental eons ago.

heartshapedhedges said...

Running Girl: I am not putting the girls into the acting business. My reasoning, is that I really think Andrew has some unique skills that they dont have, mainly that he is much smaller than he looks and can play younger (which they like) and he can read at a high school level (Beauty is just learning to read.) Additionally, he has show great interest and loves to make stories and write books and act them out.

Beauty's personality, is one that is seeking approval at all times (I think a lot of it has to do with living in Andrew's shadow)...but I dont think the rejection aspect of the business would be good for her. Also, I think the emphasis on looks is not something I want my girls to deal with.

With that said, Andrew finished his acting class (it is off for the summer) and I put him in a new acting class in our neighborhood...and I put Beauty in too. I want her to have fun and not be left out (and she likes it) but I just dont think the professional route is the best idea for her. Also....Andrew did have one audition where his agent said to bring Christine too (it was for a Disney video and they were looking for siblings) she did go on that audition :)

heartshapedhedges said...

Grandma J: I really do not spend the time in the water with Little One that I did with the others, as, I dont have the time. While the older two are at swim practice, the pool is only used for the we cant go in at that time.

I do take her swimming or to the water park from time to time, and she is anxious to just jump in, in her typical style, she doesnt like to be held back...but I havent taken the time to really work with her on swimming.

My plan, is that next year, when both older kids are in all-day school, Little One and I will be able to do some mommy-and-me type stuff, including swimming.

As for the cabin rental guy...I sent him that letter, and never heard back (end of story.)

Jason said...

What is your most embarrassing moment?

heartshapedhedges said...

Oh Jason, there are so many......mostly, too embarassing to write on this blog, LOL.

I would say, one of my most embarassing moments, was actually when I became so extremely embarassed for someone else, and even more embarassing, was that they were not embarassed!

I was at a co-worker's house for a BBQ. He was a high school football coach, and a pastor. He and his wife were there....along with another high school football coach, and his wife (who looked and acted like a sweet, timid type gal....really stereotypical of what we saw depicted in the TV shows of the 50's.) Everyone was in their 50's, except me, I was single and in my 20's.

We were all sitting around chatting, and the topic of embarassing situations came up.

One of the coaches starts to tell about some vacation, and geting through the airport. His sweet little wife sat there with an innocent smile, as he told, in detail, about how he was carrying all the bags, while she hurried ahead....hoping to hold the plane as they were running late.

She was up ahead, and he got stuck, because his bags alerted security when they went through the x-ray machine.

He goes on and on, about the security guys taking out all of his wife sex toys, ALL. OF. THEM. And he is describing them......and, the whole time, Im staring at this sweet, little wife, who I can barely believe has birthed children, and she is not the least bit embarassed...just sitting with a dim-witted smile, while he tells the story.

I was MORTIFIED. I was embarassed for her, doubly so, because I was embarassed that she wasnt embarassed....and then I was trying not to act embarassed, but when they asked me my most embarassing moment, I said honestly:

I think listening to your most embarassing moment was my most embarassing moment. could have been the time that I was working as an interpreter, for a "life art" class at the local college. I had to sit RIGHT NEXT to naked people, in weird poses, while everyone else sketched them.

There wasnt much to interpret...the class was quite, with artists engrossed in their drawing, and I had to sit next to naked people, with dangling things hanging from their bodies in close proximity to mine....and I had nothing to do, and had to just sit and look "normal" and unembarassed.

Let me just point out, that I would think such *nude models* would be attractive, nice specimens of the body, WRONG-O.

They were old, fat, wrinkley, weird..just basically, people that should have been embarassed to show their body unclothed, except they werent.

I remember my very first class, I was on the verge of bursting out into hysterics the ENTIRE TIME (2.5 hour class!!) I had to keep telling myself in my head, "you are an ADULT, you can not laugh, this is a job, YOU ARE AN ADULT, dont laugh, nobody else is laughing, YOU ARE AN ADULT."

and every once in a while, a thought would creep into my head, a thought such as, "I can not wait to tell Darla (my friend) about this!" and then the laughter would come ever so close to bursting out again, and I had to quell it with reminders of how mature I was supposed to be.....I was so embarassed!!

Pumpkin Delight said...

Is that really your house?


Where's your Shelfari? :)

heartshapedhedges said...

Pumpkin, totally NOT my house. I would love my house to look like that, so pretty...mine is mostly stucco, and Ill just throw this out there, I do not have "heart shaped hedges" at my real house.