The Chocolate Lady

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Just a word of warning to any papparazzi that might read this blog (ok, I know, but anyways....)

If you dont want to get your foot run over (or head crushed, or hip knocked out of it's socket) dont lean on a car that is trying to drive.

It seems everyday we are bombarded with all the things Brittney Spears has done wrong. And not that Im defending her, but....while people are screaming, "She RAN OVER someone's foot!" and it's accompanied by pictures of her car, totally surrounded (think the Beatles tour bus kind of surrounded), with photographers, LAYING ON HER CAR, I mean, yeah, it's sort of a no-brainer that someone's foot is going to get run over. My mom taught me nothing if she didnt teach me not to lean against or stand in the way of moving cars.

So, Im just saying, Paps, get out of the way, geesh!


Christine Vecchione said...

I agree- if you put your foot under a moving vehicle you can expect it to be run over. I love this blog in addition to Andrew's. Have a great weekend.

Grandma J said...

Thank goodness I never had to discipline you about standing in the way of moving vehicles.
I wasn't overly strict because if I recall, you were allowed to lean..yep I would let you lean on a vehicle when the engine wasn't running.