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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Gift Ideas

If anyone is still reading, thanks. I just spent the past few days with Little One in the hospital, it was a diarrhea extravaganza, which hasnt been completely resolved, but hopefully will be soon. If you are interested in that kind stuff, you can read more

As an apology of sorts, for my extended absence, I thought I would do you all a favor, and pass along some fabulous holiday gift ideas, cause Im nothing if not helpful.

Ill tell you the truth, after watching so many episodes of The Silicone Housewives, Ive kind of gotten jealous of their really neat-o tattoos. I have found myself daydreaming about what type of tattoo I would get, if I were on would be kind of fun to get a hershey bar across my buns, or a pixie-fairy chick flying out my nose, and it made me think, "I bet so many people want a tattoo, but not forever", here's a gift for someone like that on your's a "tattoo sleeve"...looks real, but it's not.... If you want to visit the page to see all the other great tattoo designs, go here

I know Im sometimes hard on pet lovers, mainly pet lovers who let their dogs poop all over the place, or pet lovers who think their pets are humans, and take them to restaurants and dress them up and carry them around.....and perhaps Ive been a little too hard on them. So, for the people on your list that like to be all "hollywood" with their little animals, here's one that is adorable and cuddly, and wont poop or run away....

and to buy it go here

Practical gifts are always appreciated during the holidays, and here's one that cant be beat, in fact, I think we could all use this gift... It's particularly beneficial if you have a roommate or spouse, and you sometimes use their towel to wipe your mouth after brushing your teeth...because, then you can make sure not to spread herpes or whatever...

and to purchase go to their website

For the tree-hugging, vegetarian type on your gift list, this tasty number cant be beat!

It's a gummy steak, doesnt it look delicious? Buy this yummy treat here

Every girl loves a good pair of shoes. Not sturdy shoes, but fashionable shoes, glamour shoes, like these...which, while they are pricey, they are undoubtedly worth it!

buy groovy shoes at this website

I hope Ive helped you along with your holiday shopping, remember, when buying gifts, it's the thought that counts, unless of course the thought is, "I drew your name in the gift exchange but didnt want to get you something nice, so I got you this gag instead."


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Love the son got one of those tattoos in Reno at the arcade...he coudn't wait to put it on...BUT his am is too skinny and it sags!! He wsa bummed. But I love the shoes...I could be like, totall as tall as my kid!

Sorry to hear about being in the hospital...that just sucks not to know.

Grandma J said...

Wow! I was all set to buy those shoes, especially since they come in MAGENTA...BUT....they cost $775. I know it would be worth it to be taller and look thinner, not to mention looking "hot", but really my grandkids would have to go without Christmas gifts!
Speaking of which, three Chi Chi Chi Chia pets are on their way to your doorstep. Thanks for the suggestions...what a lifesaver you are!

Cortney said...

You are almost as good as Oprah with her favorite things. I love the tattoo sleeve. Too funny!

I do realize that the only two comments I've ever left for you contained the word, "Oprah." I'm not obsessed, really!

The Running Girl said...

Note to self: don't let 12 year old daughter see this site with the blue high heeled shoes or she'll want some! The tatoo sleeve is kind of interesting. The closest I've gotten to a tatoo is a henna tatoo. It lasted a week. Time to do some shopping.