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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Christmas card photo saga, part 7

2005 turned out very well. It was easy, inexpensive and the kids looked adorable. And adorable in a way that didnt almost cause pneumonia or septic shock, which is always a plus.

2006, well, I dont know what happened. Fall is a crazy season around here, with lots of birthday and such. And last year, Little One was a newborn, and Pooper had a bunch of appointments coinciding with the completion of his 3.5 years of chemotherapy, and, I guess we just had so much on our mind that I didnt really think much about our Christmas card photo.

Now, if it seems I am making too much of a Christmas card photo....I want to explain that I look at it as the one time of year that I can touch base with friends and family around the country. Friends and family that have provided us tremendous support, and it is important to me to send out a nice photo, with a letter, keeping touch with those that are dear to us.

And, I like getting them back. I have a fear that if I forget to send them one year, I wont get any in return, and I LOOOVE getting Christmas card photos, and seeing how everyone's kids are growing up. Heck, I even have Christmas photo albums, and every photo card we get is kept in an album. After 5 years of collecting them, it's already amazing to look back and see how families and kids have blossomed.

But the planning for 2006 got away from me. So, rather than spend money or time, I sat the kids down in front of our own fire place, minus a fire, but plus lots of greasy finger prints on the fire place glass door, and took my own picture. Here it is....

Actually, you have seen it before, as it's the photo displayed on the right side of my blog...see it there ----->>>

And the adorable toile outfits that the girls have on, came from that sweet baby boutique, the one that took our 2005 picture.

I would have been smart this year to just take my own picture again. But my camera is dilapitated, and has so few pixels that the pictures start to blur if they get a nanometer past 4X6....they just arent very clear pictures.

But I should have done that anyways, and might just have to the 2007 Christmas card photo session was not what I had hoped it would be. ...To be continued.


Joanne said...

Don't worry, you can use my camera! We can go down to the dog beach with my dog and she can get in the picture with Christine! Also, have to tell you how much I love Andrew's hair the way he has it now!! It is so cute!!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...invest in a camera, that would probably equal the cost of a photographer LOL! I remember taking my Christmas photo with the "old" film cameras...I would take a roll of 36, take it to the 1 hour photo only to find there were no decent shots and come home, dress the kids and start all over again. Digital is a whole new world...too bad I missed it when my kids were little!

I can't wait to see this year's photo :) Last year's was great!