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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Meet Housewife #1

In an effort to be real, and dispel any myths about OC that are promoted by that crazy show on Bravo, I have decided to tell you all about some honest-to-goodness women that live in the OC, in fact, they live within the same communities as the TV Housewives......

Meet Housewife #1 (names and faces have been removed, so that internet stalkers dont attach themselves to these authentic wives...because, they are so cute and adorable and wonderful, that they would undoubtedly get lots of attention if I put their name and face up...and unlike the women on that show, these real gals dont want that kind of attention.)

Housewife #1 has 3 girls and works at their school. Everyday she puts on her red vest and gets out her walkie talkie to help with the "drop off" routine that occurs in the school parking lot each morning. Then she works in the classroom, doing super glamorous things like cutting out turkey heads and correcting phonics worksheets, cause let me tell you, housewife #1 is talented with stuff like that.

You may notice, when admiring that stunning red vest, that there are no silicone orbs protruding from the neckline. That's right, many of the authentic folks in this community are thankful for what God gave them, and feel really good about who they are, natural hair color and all, even if they are a brunette.

The TV gals are usually in blouses that cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, on one of the shows, they were talking about how they have brought attention to the blouses with the jewelled medalions in the middle. Notice the attire of Housewife #1...a t-shirt coordinated with her trusty school sweatshirt. You wont catch her wearing fancy embroidered jackets and stuff, no siree!

Dont feel bad for Housewife #1, just because she works and isnt spending her days doing photo shoots or attending parties at the Playboy Mansion. She gets out, every now and again.

Recently, she put together a major fundaiser for the American Cancer Society, a cause that she has been committed to for years. This gala event had some pretty fance people in attendance, including (gasp!) one of the TV housewives. And, Ill just say, one who has let us all know that she is a top real estate agent in the area, and has lots and lots of money. I expected that my friend would tell me that this TV Housewife gave a generous donation to the ACS, but instead I found the only thing she gave, was autographs! GAG!

If I could do a video clip on here, which I cant, I would interview housewife #1 and you would see a sweet, down-to-earth gal. Whether working or raising money, or just being a mom, she is caring and kind, and so are her children. She is proof, that you dont need plastic body parts or plastic credit cards to find happiness, you just need a good heart.


Grandma J said...

How refreshing Housewife #1 is. I can attest to the intricacies of the "drop-off" routine at the school since I totally made my own rules there once and did my usual race to park routine...I have since learned to pay attention to attendants in red vests with walkie-talkies. Kudos to HW #1.

Have you heard from Sandy the Orphan? She may have found a more receptive step-mom who didn't need pictures of the other orphans.

Anonymous said...

Great story!!! I saw the new show and was gagging especially with the new gal from Ladera. I think it is horrible our town will be known as they portray it. I wonder if she will be taking lessons from "the olympic boys" but she might not get past the gate because she doesn't like getting her hair wet. She does not know what she is missing out on.

Anonymous said...

You are a funny, funny, girl. Just to be truly authentic...are you sure my, I mean, HW#1's hair color is fully natural??? Take a closer look next time, my friend!