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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Christmas Card Saga - The Final Chapter

Well, today I saw one of, if not THE, picture(s) taken on that smokey day. The photographer has a blog and she posted one picture from each family, as a preview of sorts. Seeing as our family only had one picture, or perhaps 3, that probably made our selection easy for her.

Most of the other families did outside candids, close ups of their kids hugging a tree or looking at a leaf, that kind of thing. I wonder if I am the only one that felt disappointed, if not ripped off, by the situation. I mean, the schools were closed due to bad air quality, so I know it wasnt my imagination that ashes were falling from the sky like snowflakes, but maybe other people just didnt mind. Or maybe they did. Who knows?

Our photo was a black and white, which did a pretty good job at covering up that Beauty's dressed was twisted up. Little One looks beautiful in the picture, but the other two were squinting like ninety year old's trying to thread a needle. My kids have beautiful eyes, if I do say so myself, so it's particularly stinky that their eyes look like botton hole slits in the photo. Oh well.

Im not going to link to the photographer's page, for fear that she'll sue me....but after the holidays, and my kids photo cards have been sent, Ill post it here, so everyone can see. And maybe you wont even notice. Maybe it will be like 2004, when everyone assumed we spent a gloriously warm day frolicking at the beach for our photo....maybe this year, people wont have a clue about the soot covered conditions. maybe.

As some of you have suggested, I need to invest in a decent camera and just take my own pictures. I think Ill tell Santa, because that's a great idea. With all of Pioneer Woman's photo shop lessons, it should be easy to start creating my own great photos, or at least she makes it look that way.

Do any of you send photo cards? Do you take your own picture?

and as for that crazy writers strike that cancelled all the late night shows......if there are any budding writers, or comedians reading, now is your time to shine.....

Leave your own late night joke in the comments section.....we all can use a good laugh.


Joanne said...

Did you ever think of suing? Not to get off the subject, but did you watch the premiere tonight of the OC Housewives? I wonder if the whole country thinks we're all so spoiled....and our kids? Heaven help us!!

The Running Girl said...

I always send a photo of the kids in the Christmas cards. And I always take the picture myself. The kids are in front of the tree and hopefully in somewhat matching clothes. I take the picture and have them made into wallets. They are not professional, but good enough for everyone to see how the kids have grown. Last year we did send a photo card. We had gone on a cruise last summer and gotten some really nice photos there. The cruise photographer had a copywright release so we could copy the pictures and that's what we did. This year it will be back to taking my own pictures.

Grandma J said...

I think you are too critical of yourself. All the pictures look good.
You might consider taking a class at your local community college or recreation department. Software like PhotoShop can create miracles too.
Can't wait to see the finished product this year.

Anonymous said...

I know it's too late to complain now, but couldn't you have complained to the hostess at the time of the party? I mean, let's get real -- if the photos were supposed to be inside (and you had already talked about not having them at the park b/c of kids getting dirty) and then we had the wildfires exacerbating the issue, what nerve did she have? You must be a conflict avoider like me!! I would have been so rip-roaring mad I'd have been foaming at the mouth. Your kids just handle things with such aplomb.

I always take my own photos too, on my dismally old camera, but it still give people the general idea of how outrageously adorable the girls are. SMILE!
Karen B. RPV

gillian said...

Uh-oh...we are headed to a portrait party this weekend at the beach. It looks like terrible weather for pictures at the beach. I hope it doesnt turn into a disaster like yours in 2004...I am glad you revealed that the hostess gets the "disc" of her I know why so much effort went into organizing the portrait party....take care, gillian