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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The other housewives

First, yes, in case you didnt know, I watch tv at tv or come online. Once the kids are in bed (which is by 8pm, thank goodness) my weary self (when not working, because I do work some nights)....but when Im not, my tired old forty-something self likes to relax in front of the tube, or monitor, depending on the schedule.

Around these parts, we have been bombarded, with non-stop commercials for the new season of, "The Real Housewives of the OC". The promo states it's BRAVO TV's second most popular show, behind Project Runway, so that must mean people from outside the OC watch. Yikes!

I watched the Season 3 premiere last night, and the "sexiest housewife" is from our little community, with the other women living in the community next door. Of course the cameras only show the fancy part of life, or the dramatic. They arent necessarily protraying the life that most of us lead here....because, despite what the housewives say, we dont all have breast implants, nor do most of us buy them for our daughters.

Those of us in the OC, find the show to be embarassing at best, in that it makes it look like everyone around these parts is rich and spoiling their children. Id like to be the first, but am not...and hopefully Im not guilty of the second. And even if I were the first, Id like to think my priorities would be different.

I thought that in an effort to bring some authentic reality to the image of our community, Id chronicle some of the REAL real housewives of the OC. Im gonna break out my dilapitated camera, and show off some of what I love about this place...including some great, down to earth folks, that dont have pink crystals on their hubcaps.

So, stay tuned.....


The Running Girl said...

Maybe I'll have to watch an episode! (although I already watch too many shows at night). I think it is interesting when a show is done in your town. The season that MTV Real World was filmed here I watched just to see how they would portray the city. Interesting to see what they show.

Kristin said...

Hi, I linked here from your comment on Bossy.

I live in Laguna Beach and like you, am SO OVER OC being portrayed as the land of the vapid and stupid and am loving your series on "Real Housewives"!