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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lovely ladies 2, 3 and 4

The word on the street, is that this weeks episode of the OC Housewives will include one of them going under the knife. Dont pull out the rosary beads, nobody is ill (technically)...what I mean, is that nobody is facing any life threatening disease.....the surgery, is of the "plastic" variety.

In no less than a few different social circles this week, the upcoming episode, and the upcoming coverage of the plastic surgery, were the topics of discussion;

"Didnt they cover that LAST season with that Botox session and telling everyone that WE ALL go to Botox parties?"

"I think that was Season 1. But they did mention that all the women have breast implants, nose jobs, and that we are lining up our daughters for the same."

So, of course, I feel the need to clarify this for all of you. Most of the moms here have never had plastic surgery, and most have never even been to a Botox party.

Personally, I could use a series of injections, but my fear, is that in a few years, the botulism (you know they are just injecting a disease into your skin to kill off the nerves or muscles or something.....) but I fear it would eat away at my tissue, and in a few years I would have flesh eating disease or some blackened, dead area...and that's just not pretty. Besides, who wants to talk to someone who cant show facial expressions??? Who wants to tell their friend something funny, or scary, or sad, or surprising, and get a dead pan look in return? That's not fun at all.

Anyways, wisdom comes with age. Im not as silly or naive as I was when I was 20, so why look like it? With each year, with each wrinkle, comes experience, knowledge, growth, insight, and a load of good memories, no need to hide THAT beautiful stuff!

Thankfully for me, I live in a community where lots of ladies think just like me. They look natural, and beautiful that I dare show their entire face, or they will become internet celebrities (yeah, that's right, my whopping "readership" will turn them into overnight, internet celebrities)...and these women are nothing if they arent humble and modest, so, Im not showing their entire face.

Id like for you to meet ladies 1, 2 and 3. All of whom are bright, funny, educated, warm and fabulous mommies to boot.

Dont they look wonderful? Ok, well, it's not their best side....and Im not the best photographer...with my old camera. I dont know how to focus or make lighting changes, and I think my flash caught too much reflection off of their glowing faces...but you get the idea. They are real, no plastic, no botox, just gorgeous moms.

If you watch the show this week, remember MY gals, and that not everyone here is getting surgery, honest. I wish there was a show that focused on the genuine caring, warm spirits, and down-to-earth charm that I have found in many of my neighbors and friends.

**DISCLAIMER** I dont personally KNOW any of the women on the show, and Im sure they are wonderful people, but, sadly, that isnt what is being promoted.


Singer510 said...

I have to admit that I have watched "The Hills" from time to time, but I figure they're young and I can excuse their shallow, vain behavior. To actually watch a show about a bunch of 35-50 year old women acting the same way would put me right over the edge. Maybe it's just my Midwestern ways, but I wouldn't be able to stomach that one on a weekly basis!! I'm very glad to see that there are "normal" women that live in the OC - thanks for keeping us enlightened!

heartshapedhedges said...

Singer510, trust me, my OC friends and I cant stomach it either...those of us that watch, do so...I guess to see our hometown on TV (and see if any of our friends or aquaintances are on...), and to know what we need to defend against when people ask. Many people in OC are very upset about the show (and Laguna Beach as well, which is only a few miles away)...because most of us dont feel like it represents us, or our community. One columnist in our local newspaper has written about the gals quite a bit, and his articles get a tremendous amount of feedback and letters, mostly from people who are disgusted by the show. So, yeah, lots of us sit around griping at the TV and gasping in horror as we watch the show, one hand over our eyes. :)

Cortney said...

I love the real housewives. Great job!

HW said...

I am so glad I came across your blog. I have watched "Real Housewives" and always wonder why they can't make a show about actual REAL housewives who work in their kids' schools, drive mini vans, juggle schedules, sometimes stuggle financially, and manage to see beauty in the HEART of a person. The thing that strikes me about this show is that most of their kids treat the parents horribly. My teenage son doesn't drive a BMW; but he has NEVER sworn at me or spoken to me the way these kids speak to their parents.
I appreciate your post.