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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bye Bye Soccer

Beauty's first soccer season has come to an end. The Mermaids have played their last game, and received their much deserved trophy (a bobble head of a girl kicking a soccer ball!)

Im not gonna miss the morning "let's-get-ready-for-soccer" wild hunt for shin guards and cleats. Im also not gonna miss having to pack up all the kids, their stuff, snacks, a duffle bag, blanket, and haul it all in the stroller, down to the fields. I will however, miss my little Beauty, becoming her own self.

You see, on that grassy field, her personality was developing, her preferences in life coming clearly into vision. And it was evident to all around, that, she really doesnt like soccer.

While the other girls were fervently hunting after the ball, Christine was passively idle. Sometimes noticing the efforts of her teammates......and sometimes not.

Notice here that her little mermaid friends are getting their bodies into action, leaning towards the ball, feet gearing up beneath them...and Christine, thinks it's all very curious, as to why people would get sweaty and hot, chasing a round thing.....

While most of the kids are rushing to cluster around the ball, Christine could often be seen practicing her dance moves. She loves dancing! Here she is doing some hand motions.....

She has told us repeatedly, that she doesnt like's too hot, too tiring, and she gets too sweaty. (She has a point!)

But there are some things she loves about it...for one, socializing with her mermaid friends, and most importantly.....THE TUNNEL.....


IT's all about the snack!


The Running Girl said...

Love the comments on the pictures! Soccer just isn't for everyone. My son happens to have a passion for it, however. If there is a ball anywhere near him, he is kicking it - even in the house. Just let her find her passion.

Joanne said...

She is a girl after my own heart. Even when I go on the treadmill I have to have a strong fan directed on me at all times...and also be lined up with the tv.
Maybe she can do a dance for us on Thanksgiving!! I am going to teach everyone to do the line dance "barefootin'", so get ready!! I was going to put on my cowgirl boots, but since the dance and the song are called "barefootin'" (you may know the song), it really should be done barefoot.
What are you going to do?

OCJEN said...

Cute kiddos!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always good to hear from a local.