The Chocolate Lady

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We have spent the weekend being inundated with coverage of the most recent Malibu fires, again.

It's no surprise that the place is ablaze, again. Not because it has a history of being lit up in flames, but because it seems the news media practically begged for it. really.

For the past week, during the evening news, the local weathermen would remind us that the Santa Ana'a were expected to arrive this week (for those out of the area, the Santa Ana'a are a dry, windy condition)....they have also given in depth, colored analysis of the Red Flag (fire) warning that would be in effect, and THEN, they would go on and on about the specific areas that would be most vulnerable, making comments such as, "If that were to ignite, there would be little that could stop an inferno" and things that seemed to tempt potential arsonists.

Each night, My Honey and would sit there in disgust, wondering why they didnt just print up an, "Arsonist's handbook" and pass them out. It really seemed as if they were almost encouraging the activity.

So, no surprise when we woke up Saturday morning to see that Malibu was being ravaged by flames. again.

For those wondering, we are a couple hours south from Malibu. It is the coastal area at the northern most part of Los Angeles County, and we are at the southern part of Orange, we arent in danger. Our hearts go out to those that have lost their homes, and we pray that the fire is contained soon, and that the media stop making the whole thing seem so exciting.


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Grandma J said...

I agree, the media does go over the top with their coverage of disasters like fires. I think it has to do with ratings and the viewing public eat it up, demanding more. Hopefully the fires are contained and So CA doesn't experience heavy rains this year, creating landslides. Sadly, people will rebuild and the cycle will continue.

The comment before mine has brought to mind your almost adopted daughter Sandra the orphan. I wonder if you've heard from her.

The Running Girl said...

Just getting caught up on all of your posts. I didn't check on any over the holiday. I'm impressed that all your lights are up. Our tradition is to put them up over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend as well, but that just didn't happen this year. It was cold (for us anyway - in the 40s) and raining Saturday and Sunday and there was no way I was going outside to put up lights in that weather. And there were too many good football games on to mess with the inside stuff. Hopefully this coming weekend will be nice and we can get it all done. I'm glad you are not near the Malibu fires.