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Friday, October 12, 2007

You dont have to live like a refugee

Well, my dearest new daughter-to-be has contacted me, and I *sense* her patience with me is thin. I can hardly blame her, she is in a refugee camp, after all. Ive never been to a refugee camp myself, but Im wondering if they are like our California jails, where everyone gets free internet access? Not what I would picture, I had more of an image of some African jungle with huts, but my dear Sandra has daily internet availability, so probably she is not in a hut. But she has reminded me, HELLO, that she is in a REFUGEE CAMP, and she cant just go get pictures with orphans, DUH!

Here, read for yourself:

Dear Kim,

Please kindly understand that i am not in the position to get you the picture of the orphans , because am in the refugee camp here and they doesn't allow the refugees to go out of the city. That was why i contacted you to help me out of this refugee camp by contacting the bank and summit your bank account where the bank will transfer the funds into. To enable you to send some money to me here, so that i can get my traveling paper to meet with you over there in America. To start a life with you. Once again i thank you very much for your prayers towards my present critical condition.

Thanks and God Blessing you.

Ok, So, Im still not understanding how come she is so confined that she cant get a picture (mind you a picture that will then prompt me to SAVE HER LIFE)..but she can dilly dally on the internet everyday. Hmmmm.

She neglects to explain her intentions of being my I need to spruce up the guest room? Help with college applications? I mean, if Im gonna be her mom, I want to get things ready for her, poor dear.

Im hoping that my next email will be met with understanding and thing I am not willing to tolerate is a wayward daughter who doesnt follow basic directions....hopefully she wont continue to display such stubburn resistance to my SIMPLE REQUEST FOR A PICTURE, that will SAVE HER LIFE!

Here, what do you think??

Dear sister in the Lord,

I have been praying throughout the day for you, and my heart is blessed to be able to assist you.

I am still unclear as to your future plans. Are you hoping to come to the United States? Will you need a place to stay? Have you already selected a school to attend? I am sorry if I am not understanding these things, please explain them again so that I can support you with your future plans.

Also, as you know, It was amazing how during this time that God has put orphans on my mind, that I would get an email from you, Sandra the Orphan, whom I dont even know. That is surely a sign from God that He has selected me to help you. However, I was conflicted by the Bible verse that says not to take money from Orphans. I spent much time in prayer, and God instructed me to receive a picture of you with the orphans or refugees at your camp. I know this will assure me that it really is what God wants me to do.

I am encouraged that you have internet access at your refugee camp, even if you dont have a pool, so Im hoping that someone at your location can take a picture of you with your fellow refugee orphans, to confirm God's plan for my assistance.

Stay strong my sister,

Should I put up a new poll asking if you think she will send it or not????

Thank you Monika (hugs and kisses, as I havent seen you in so long!! ) for the great link,,,, those were funny. It was NOT the one particular one I had read (and nearly peed my pants reading) in the past...this was on some ladies blog, and if I remember correctly she did something with horses, or something farm-like, but it wasnt The Pioneer Woman

Does anyone remember that blog??

We shall see what sister Sandra does next....maybe I should send a picture of myself to her, Ill have to find a "good" one.


Grandma J said...

Poor Sandra, she is having a hard time rounding up the kids in the camp. I can't find the site you are talking about bit I do remember it because the cut and paste of all the photos and money were hilarious. This link is nice and well organized. It has "how to" tips and lots of photos, a hall of shame, and lots of pictures. If you send "Orphan Sandy" a picture of yourself or *family members, you might want to go to or find some celebrity mug shots on The Smoking Gun site. Also, I don't see where Sandra calls herself an orphan, just a refugee. Have fun.

Kim said...

Hey Grandma,

Her emails come sent from "The Orphan Sandra Bucas"....and she mentions being an orphan in her earlier emails. Suddenly she wants to make a clear distinction between orphans and refugees....

Anonymous said...

I think the site had something to do with horses...perhaps the owner of the site owned a horse farm. The letters were hysterical and so well-written.