The Chocolate Lady

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Who am I?

I have decided that I will be identifying myself to my dear, soon-to-be, new daughter, and wanted to find the *perfect* picture.

It's important that my picture convey the loving, nurturing, trusting, self that I am, as a way of impressing the generous orphan Sandra Bucas.

I picked up a few ideas, and want your input....which one should I be??

I like this one, for many reasons, mainly, because I got the photo from googling my name, "Kim Sprague", this gal really is Kim Sprague. If the sweet orphan with internet access should try to verify my photo, she would see that I am who I claim to be...AND, she is black, as is Sandra, which may make her seem more like a mother figure to the dear orphan.

I could send this one, and when Sandra says she wants to live with me, I can let her know that I will be so thankful to have a daughter help me with some of my care (ie. bathing and hygiene)

Now this is a random picture of a "kim" that I googled....she looks nice enough....

Which one do you think is the best image to use, in order to further endear myself to my new orphan daughter?


The Running Girl said...

OMG! I saw your comment on my blog about the Maui tri, which sounds like a wonderful place to do a tri, and wanted to come leave a comment for you and what do I see! That second picture would scare her off I think. I'm still amazed at how far you have carried this. No way would I have the guts. This is just too funny!

Joanne said...

I'm afraid the first one could sue you, and I really think you should report this girl to the proper authorities and not carry this any further.

Joanne said...

ooops, i think they all could sue you!!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I say send the third one, it is more believable as she tries to scam you more. No one is going to sue you regarding this but you never know about that "69" sexy girl.

Grandma J said...

These 419 scams have been around forever and they are impossible to report because they originate in foreign countries where the government is corrupt. Most of the scammers use Yahoo accounts and Yahoo simply says to block them. No one can sue you.
As far as which picture to send why don't you send one of yourself. Cut and paste your head onh the body of Anna Nicole. Shes dead and cant sue.
Hear is a link that has several funny scam exchanges with pictures.
Can't wait to hear from Sandy the Orphan.

Dad Gone Mad said...

Oh my crap! That little hottie in the shower made my feel all tingly inside. Do you know her? Have her call me.

Anonymous said...


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