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Thursday, October 4, 2007

oh thank heaven!

Im not sure why nobody has ever nominated Dr. Harry Coover for the Nobel Peace Prize, but he is WAY deserving, so Ill just throw the nomination out there now, because, someone's gotta do it!

This man saved Beauty and I from losing our minds tonight, honest.

Let me explain....

During Pooper's swim team practice, I sat and chatted with other moms, while Little One wandered around dangerously close to the pool edge, and Beauty played in the shallow toddler pool.

All of a sudden, from across the deck, I hear Beauty screaming, as only she can do, while clutching her head. I immediately jumped up and grabbed her, and upon looking at the area she was holding, saw that her ear lobe had a deep slice in it. I carried her back to the toddler pool, to try to figure out what happened. Their was a dad sitting in the foot of water, surrounded by kids, and he smiled as he held up the hard plastic fish that had been beaned at Beauty's head. Um thanks.

I knew I had to take her to the ER, and as other moms gathered around to help, Beauty became panicked, frenzied, screaming that she DID NOT WANT ANY NEEDLES.

Thank God for great neighbors, as moms volunteered to take Little One and Pooper while I hurried off with Beauty to the hospital down the street.

She was still soaking wet, in her little "stars and stripes" bathing suit, and I wrapped her in a towel and told her to keep pressing her ear.

During the 4.2 minute drive, Beauty was hysterical, going on and on about needles and not wanting them.

The old, "do-I-lie-and-pay-for-it-later-or-tell-the-truth-and-shove-her-completely-over-the-edge" argument went back and forth in my mind. And then I came up with the ole, "Im gonna tell them you dont want any needles!" promise, emphasizing that I was on her side about this. It didnt do much to calm her down, but it was better than ignoring her.

Long story short, after the bloodied mess was cleaned and pulled and prodded, the doctor announced, "this is a good laceration for Dermabond" and then the clouds parted and a choir of the most glorious angels sang ALLELUIAH!

Beauty was still screaming, but eventually we calmed her down and promised, and assured, and said over and over with certainty, that there would be NO NEEDLES!

Of course, in the end, she was fine, her ear was glued, it was painless and we made our way home.

But through the whole ordeal, I couldnt help but wonder how things might have been if that Super Glue had not been invented. We would be using a needle and thread, just like they used to stitch my head back when I was her age....the time I had to be put in a straight jacket because I was so upset about a NEEDLE piercing through my SCALP, over and over again. Which then caused me to get a big worked up, just at the remembrance of that life scarring event, and wishing someone had invented that glue earlier, which made me think of other things that werent invented during my childhood, that I missed out on, like video games better than Pong, but anyways.....

At least someone tried to make it better, and invented STAPLES...Um, was this really an improvement over stitches, STAPLES, metal being slammed into your wound? I dont think that was really even worth inventing, because I dont think it was much of an advance at all, really.

But this glue idea, that was really something, ....I thought back to ALL The wounds I had ever suffered in my life, and how awesome it would have been if I would have just glued them all shut. I thought of the suffering that would have been spared to me.

Well, Im glad it's here now because it surely saved Beauty and I from a night of total hell.

When I came home, I thought Id look up the most fabulous inventor of this life changing substance...and guess what, ...well, first of all, it's basically super glue, THE super glue. It was invented in 1942, and was first used medically during the Vietnam war.

Guess what that means? Yeah, are you thinking what Im thinking? I (we) could have been using it all along, instead of sewing needles and staples. It was there for the taking at our local market...and it worked on wounds. Heck, I read that they put organs back together with it, so the real question, is why was it kept a secret for so long? Think of all the trauma and tears that could have been spared if people would have just shared the love and told us that Super Glue could be used for wounds. Thanks a lot to the secretive, sadistic people that were hording one of the worlds most amazing bits of information.

And while it's come way too late, Im so thankful that Dr. Harry Coover invented the stuff, and believe that this product, all by itself, has brought about more peace than most anything I can think of. So, that's my nomination, and if he wins the Nobel Peace Prize, you saw it here first.

BTW, check out my hero at Alex's Lemonade find the "heroes" link and you will find my Pooper. I sure wish we could find the "super glue" for childhood cancer!!

PS. Just when you thought it might be safe to wander out into my neighborhood....Ive found a new sex fiend on the prowl, complete with a picture...I promise to post it, hurry back.

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The Running Girl said...

The glue is a great thing. Dalton's had stitches 3 times - 2 with needles and thread and 1 with glue. Much faster.

And I have to say you are scaring me with those sex offenders in your neighborhood. I think you need to move (maybe to Texas) :)