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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Helping the orphans

Today I got one of those emails that I usually delete before even opening them. No, it wasnt to enlarge my penis, or to send me "super grass seed" (what is with the grass seed market? Ive been getting a lot of those lately) was one of those bogus bank scams.

The subject line read, "From the Orphan Miss Sandra Bucas"....and if that doesnt pull on a heart string, I dont know what does. So, I opened up the email, and here was the tugging plea.....

Calling For Help,

Hope this mail meets you well, please permit me to introduce my self to you, my name is Sandra Bucas, I am 22 years old, the only child of Late Mr. James Bucas who was a famous cocoa merchant based here in Abidjan , the Economic capital of Ivory Coast ( Cote D'ivoire). I am seeking for your assistance to help me transfer the sum of ($15,500,000.00) Fifteen Million Five hundred Thousand United State of American Dollars that I inherited from my late father to your bank account.I am willing to offer you 15% of the total fund as a mode of compensation after the transfer for your time and effort. All the necessary documents concerning this fund is intact. Please get back to me, then more details concerning this fund and I will equally send you my photos so that you will see and know whom I am. If you agree on this proposal and ready to assist me please indicate by furnishing me with your phone and fax numbers including your full address to enable easy communication between me and you.

Yours Faithfully,
Sandra Bucas.

You know, once, I found my way to a blog where the gal, for fun, responded to these con-emails. She had so much fun leading them on, and I thought this was the perfect one to have a go at it. BTW, If any of you reading remember that blog, please list the address, I dont remember it, but it was hilarious.

So, I decided to bite the is my email back.....

Dear Sandra,

Your email was like a message from God. I had been praying today and reading
in the book of James, and in James 1:27 it says to take after widows and
orphans. I have actually worked with orphans before and they are so dear to my
heart. When I got your email, it was just a reminder of how God tells us to
take care of orphans, and so it is like God directly told me to help you.

Also, if your father was a cocoa farmer, that is also a sign from God, because I
love Cocoa, it is one of my favorite things in the world.

This is certainly a message from the Lord. I am looking forward to helping you.

With Blessings,

Now...truth be told, I used to work with orphans at our county "children's home" (homey word for orphanage) and have been working with our pastor to set up a ministry at our church. So, I wasnt lying when I said I have been praying about this.....but that's where the truth ends.

Stay tuned while I have some fun with this gal....Ill keep you posted on her response.

and...there are only 2 days left.....go ahead and vote for your favorite invention (see top right corner of blog.....if your selection isnt there, let us know what you think you could never live without.)

AND.....I love how my new site meter tells me the (very general) location of my we had folks from the UK, Australia, Italy, Sweden, and Spain...not to mention several Canadian readers....welcome, aloha, wilkomen, ciao and hola...and all those other words that they have painted on signs on the It's a Small World ride at Disneyland.


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

LOL! I always thought it would be fun to send the eBay scammers a fake password to my account...but then I was afraid they would send me a virus or something! You were very creative w/your response...can't wait to read her response :)

The Running Girl said...

You crack me up! I'd never have the nerve to email back and have fun with those folks. Can't wait to see how this plays out.