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Monday, October 22, 2007

Time away

Im sorry that I took so much time away. I've been feeling rejected by my orphaned, refugee, almost-daughter, Sandra. She hasnt written me in over a week. I was willing to open up my home, my life, my heart, and this is the thanks I get! Maybe it's better after all, because she seems like a complete ingrate!!

Lucky for me, I do have other kids....who manage to keep me busy with important things, like spy parties and with some not-so-important things too.

I think most of you know that I have the other website to write about those things that are meaningful in life, and I come here to ramble on about those that are truly insignificant.

Dont get me wrong, insignificant things can really take a toll on you....consider this "insignificant" situation, which is actually one of life's great mysteries; what in the world happens to all the socks?

No sooner do I buy my kids socks, cute socks, decorative and MATCHING socks...because I DO buy them in pairs.....does one sock seem to hop away into the abyss. Heck, even the plain, grey-heal-and-toed athletic socks that I buy Pooper...that come packaged with 6 identical pairs....seem to end up lost...with only one, lone sock surviving.

So, if I havent written in a while, it may be because I have been spending all my time looking for the matching partner of these socks:

and this is just the beginning....I have tons of lonely single socks....and I end up spending time trying to play matchmaker, hunting down their perfect companion.

Im not sure how all the left-foots (or right) get lost, or where they have ended up, but it's really be wrecking havoc on the morning routine around here, making sure my kids arent going to school as targets for teasing, with clashing socks.

Im really trying to get a handle on such things, when Im not sobbing over being rejected by the orphan, Sandra.


IslandGirl4Ever2 said...
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Monika said...

Hi Kim
I think your 'orphan' Sandra, contacted me. She used a different family name, but everything else is the same. Oh, and she called herself "the little, very young orphan, @ age 19."
I think I'm going to let her know that she should contact you, because you are eagerly awaiting her response.
Hope you guys are handling the smoke well. Thinking of you,