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Thursday, October 11, 2007

She's an orphan, ok, so dont go thinking she is getting to lounge by the pool!

Perhaps I have misjudged my dear sister, because it has been brought to my attention, that she is not filming hip-hop videos, poolside...rather, she is in a REFUGEE CAMP! Ok, so, let's try to gain a bit of empathy for this poor gal.

Besides, she is as dumb as a rock, either that or she thinks Im Korean, because she thinks Im her brother, here, see for yourself:

Dear Brother in Christ,

I thank you very much for your urgent response to my message. First of foremost i thank God that you are a good Christan and you have man kind, which i believe that as soon as the bank transfer the funds into your account in your country there, then you will use the money to build orphanage home, school and other good things for the orphans. Remember i told you that i left my country because war going on over there that was why am here in the refugee camp suffering. Coming to my picture i sent you those pictures was took in my home when my late parents was alive, is not a current pictures. I want to know if have you contact the bank regarding the transfer of the funds into your account, please kindly update me the outcome.

Thanks for everything in Advance and may the good lord bless you abundantly.
Your Sincerely,

I felt so awful for not fully understanding the terror that she must face each day, so I sent her a letter apologizing, and also trying to clear up a few things....

Oh Sandra, I am so sorry that you are not in your country, I didnt realize they had moved you away for the refugee camp. I am praying even more for God's protection on you! I am sorry for not understanding your situation.

I read again your prior email and it said that you would like to come and live with me, and I would be in charge of paying for your schooling with your funds. You may be very happy to know, that in the United States, you can be in charge of your own self when you are 18, you are able to make your own choices and it is a wonderful freedom that we value here in America. I didnt know at first that you wanted to come to America, but when I read your email again, I see that you want to come here. I need to pray some more about your education, do you already know what school you will attend? Please also tell me if you will be hoping to live here with me, I have never had a child, but it has been the desire of my heart, so if God would allow me to be like a mother to you, that would be an extra blessing.

As I have been praying, I feel very fortunate that God has placed this blessing on me, and that I will be able to help you escape this hardship. During my prayers, I can almost see you with the orphan children, and if there is a way to send me such a picture, or you with the orphans, I know it will be a sign from God that I am supposed to help you in this matter.


As you can see, I also asked for further clarification re: her plans to LIVE WITH ME and for me to pay for her schooling (clearly I would be able to pay for the finest school with her $15.5 million) but I really need to understand this new role that she is asking me to take on.

You may notice, that I keep pressing for a picture...that's because I am basically just stealing this great idea from another blog that I saw (Gosh I wish I could remember that web address!) where the gal went back and forth with a bank scammer, having them send her all different things, as further confirmation from God that she should help them. She would ask for pictures, and they would always send them doctored up from photoshop, so funny....and so, as a stealer-of-ideas, Im just seeking the same kind of thing here.

And thank you mom, "Grandma J" for pointing out the fine print...I hadnt even noticed that she wanted to come live with me....she has no idea what she is can imagine, if I wont allow Cracker Jacks in the living room, Im probably not gonna allow dangling navel rings, belly tops and pole dancing either. That's right, if she comes here, we will probably start a whole new blog on the transformation of Sandra!

Let's see what happens next!!


Monika said...

Hi Kim,
oh what fun you can have.
Here is a link to a site you are looking for (with all the scamers)
and from there are many links to others.
Thinking of you and the kids, praying that everything will be okay with Elise.
With love and always in my heart, Hugs to all of you.

Grandma J said...

Oh my goodness! Monika's link has some hysterical stuff. I briefly read the Lily Pecious exchange...hillarious. The pictures of her family and the one "David Lee Roth" sent of himself back to her had me rolling on the floor...the one with his gay brother Jeff is adorable. Anyway, I can't wait to see what Little Orphan Sandy has to say next.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Kim I am going to forward you all my scammer emails...that site from Monika is too much :)