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Friday, August 1, 2008

Photo catch-up Friday

My IT guy worked overtime last night, and I have some new pictures to show you....

First, let's revisit the lesson on being grateful that I attempted to teach my children.

We got word that the Orange County Rescue Mission was in desperate need for food, so we held a food drive in our neighborhood, and ended up with 2 vans full of edible goods.

My kids decorated a donation box but we ended up getting so much more than that box could hold, it was really wonderful.

Our dear friends, E and N also joined in the fun, and we all went down to the Rescue Mission to deliver the goods.

The kids helped unload the food

They watched the men from the mission weigh the food

The Rescue Mission recently moved into the Old Tustin Marine Base, which was vacated about a decade ago. The men said the facilities are very nice, and they were grateful to be able to have a place to stay, with food, a medical clinic on grounds, and even help getting education and jobs.

And yes, for the record, the guys at the RM did think I was a wacko for taking pictures of everything.

After dropping off the food, we went and got some sandwiches, where my hearts-filled-with-gratitude children complained about their lunches.


Beauty and Pooper had their final league swim meet last week, and here are some action shots for you to enjoy....

Beauty doing backstroke

Pooper doing butterfly


Finally, a certain, special, sweetie turned 2 this week, and we had a small celebration on Saturday.

Here she is trying to blow out the candle on her Elmo cake

And in deep thought over what it means to turn 2

I recently posted about Cousins and our lack of cousins in the area. What I didnt tell you, is that even though my kids dont have cousins here, I do. So, we celebrated with MY cousins, who are now having little kidlets of their own (literally, as one little baby is 4 days overdue as I type this!)

Here are the kids with their 2nd cousin, Baby P

And we are awaiting the arrival of Baby S (hurry up Baby S!!)

Uncle Dan is getting ready to be a little girls dad (hurry up Baby S!!!)

And here is Elise with her one and only and longest friend.....

We had hoped to round out the celebration with a trip to see Elmo at Sea World on Monday, but Beauty was sick, so that trip will be rescheduled.

Now that I have all my photos, Im off to scrapbooking tonight!! Yippeeee!!


Rebeckah said...

I love that you collected food for a mission! So nice! I laughed so hard about the sandwhich situation! I can completely relate. I hope you have fun scrapbooking. I am about 7 years behind. I look at my mounting pile of pictures and start to get sick...

Pumpkin Delight said...

You guys have been busy!

Grandma J said...

I am so proud of the kids learning to give back! Little One seems really into it! Good job guys.

And boy can Beauty and Pooper swim like little fishies.

Jason said...

These blue eyes are breathtaking!

Is that you, standing with the kids in one of those first pics? I'm trying to put a face to your name, especially since I feel like I know you so well already!

Grandma J said...

HSH, show Jason your picture from the interview with NXS or what ever it's called.