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Friday, August 8, 2008

I am loved

I may not be getting any pettipoint chairs, antique beds, or other family heirlooms from Grandma J , but I do have, at least, two people that love me enough to pass something along.

Thank you Pumpkin Delight for realizing that it's not just the middle child that is forgotten....and for including me in your friendly game of tag. You are a cool chick and who knew that it would take blogs to introduce us to such fun friends, who dont even live far away?????

Pumpkin's game of tag requires that I list 6 of my quirks, so here we go.....

1. I hand wash all my dishes THOROUGHLY before putting them into the dishwasher. Ive never trusted a dishwasher, because, Ive never seen hands and a scrubber in there. So, I hand wash everything, and then use the dishwasher as a "sterilizer", using a short cycle.

2. I am very organized, to a fault. Like Grandma J, at my previous jobs, my desk was always clean, with everything in it's place. My expectations for my home are the same, however, I never have the time to keep up with my expectations.....the clothes in my closet are organized by color...but if I dont have the time to put clean clothes away correctly, they dont get put away at all. Hence the laundry pile up. If I dont have the time to wash all my dishes correctly, then they sit in the sink. I would rather things not get done, than to do it poorly....that goes for cleaning my floors (must be done by hand)....Im sure if I relaxed my standards, my house would be cleaner, strange.

3. I am the world's pickiest eater. I dont like ANY cooked vegetables, except corn, which has virtually no nutritional value, so it's not like a healthy vegetable and it does me no benefit to like it, but I do. I do like some raw vegetables, SOME, but not many. I wont eat ANY type of seafood, and dont ask me to try it and tell me it's not fishy, I wont try it. I wont try any food I dont like, because Ill gag. And this food aversion goes to anything with cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, blue cheese, and so on.

4. I am determined to have children that are NOT picky eaters. While they eat plenty of junk....I dont buy any for them at home. At home, they only drink water or milk (juice is high in sugar.) I dont have processed "snack foods" for them, instead they can have cheese, yogurt, fruit, veggies, or whole grain cereals for snack. Beauty is known to have a baggie of broccoli for her snack. I rotate through vegetables and fruit, having 2 different types of each, each day, so that they have a wide variety. I dont let them use sauces and condiments, because A. they are too messy and B. I want them to learn to like the food, not just cover up the taste. I provide balanced healthy meals (when we arent eating junky drive thru.)....So, yes they eat crap, but not at home, so that they are accustomed to eating a variety of healthy foods and it has worked, they really like everything (except for Pooper....thanks to the chemo thrashing his taste buds, but he USED TO like everything, and we are having success at getting him back to that place.) And, while I dont force them to eat anything, the only options at my house are healthy. At dinner, they need to just take one bite of everything....nothing is forced, but if they are hungry they will eat what is served, and Im happy with the success of this plan.

5. I feel quite strongly, that people should respect the sleep of others. It makes me angry when people wake me up, or when they are loud and inconsiderate when others are sleeping. It's just rude. Friends that slam cupboards or talk loudly when others are sleeping, were never fit for roommates. I carefully judged people by their consideration-of-others-while-sleeping habits. Standing at the top of the stairs, in front of someones bedroom, and yelling down for something, is just not acceptable, although, in my lifetime, Ive known several that do that...and it's rude!

6. Im a multi-tasker, even while driving. I can drive a stick shift, and get dressed, and eat a taco, and talk on the phone, and put on mascara, and sing to the radio, all at the same time, and I do it safely. The new California law, requiring that you use a hands-free phone device is silly. (and I havent bought a hands-free device yet.) What's the big deal if your hands are free....if you are using them to apply make up and eat lunch? Dumb law.

My second thoughtful friend, is KJ at Travel Girl Since she may be my future in-law (when Little One marries So-So) her "tag" may be the closest thing I ever get to having something passed down from family.

KJ's game involved completing the following timeline:

20 years ago I...............

1. Was enjoying my first year after college
2. Was involved in a serious car accident, when I was hit by a big rig truck on the freeway, and was thrown into a ditch on the other side of the road.
3. Began my career as a counselor with abused children
4. Loved to go dancing at Chesters

10 years ago I...............

1. Was living in AZ, otherwise known as "hell"
2. Was dating My Honey
3. Was still working as a counselor, this time in juvenile hall
4. Was eating a lot of ice cream and staying out of the sun

5 years ago I..............

1. Was told my 2 year old, Pooper, had cancer
2. Was also the mother to an infant girl, Beauty
3. Moved into our current home
4. Was still in my 30's.

3 years ago I.........

1. Was still in the midst of my son's battle with cancer
2. Had given up on having a 3rd child, after some miscarriages
3. Made an attempt at re-entering the counseling field (the overhead is just too high for part time work.)
4. Had completed an olympic distance triathlon

1 year ago I............

1. Had a new daugher who made me smile
2. Was sending Beauty off to her second year of preschool
3. Was rejoicing that Pooper was off chemo treatments
4. Spent my days at the pool for Pooper's swim team practices

So far this year...........

1. I have spent more time at the pool, as Beauty and Pooper are both on swim team
2. I enjoyed time with my children, who are all doing well.
3. I have become a Dove Chocolatier
4. have started a new blog (and made some great friends.)


1. I promoted to a Team Leader with Dove
2. I went to the pool :)
3. I took the kids for frozen yogurt
4. I didnt clean one bit of my house


1. I spent a lot of time on the phone
2. I took the kids to the pool
3. I talked to my dear friend S
4. I finally gave my future daughter-in-law her birthday gift


1. The kids will have swim championships
2. Ill get hot and cranky
3. The kids will get hot and cranky
4. I hope we all stay off each others nerves and appreciate the victories of their swimming

Next Year...........

1. I will earn a great family vacation with my Dove Chocolate business
2. I wiil have 2 kids in school from 8:30-3
3. I will have lots of time to do special things with Little One
4. I will continue to thank God for all the miracles, blessings and mercy He has given our family.

Now....TAG! You're it! Rebeckah at Life with Kaishon Tell us all about you.....quirks, could be therapeutic to focus on you after all the hard work helping others :)


Grandma J said...

Just so you know, Pooper and Beauty know that caramel sauce comes with apple slices at McD's.

Which also means they know you eat theirs.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Oh, number 3 was good! I also don't eat seafood. People give me such a bad time about it that I just tell people that I am allergic to it and they leave me alone. (Is that two quirks in one sentence? I think so.)

Congrats on the promotion!

Jason said...

Ooooo, I get so crabby when people wake me up, too! That's why I won't take naps. Because I KNOW someone in this house will wake me up. Or the phone. Or the neighbors. Or the dogs. Or the neighbor's gardener. Or a massive earthquake. Or my bladder. SOMETHING!

Kj said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing. Those were fun to read!!

heartshapedhedges said...

Jason, I am all about naps...that may in fact be another quirk, that on most days, my children nap, from just after lunch (about 1pm) for about 3 hours. and if Im lucky enough (and dont get caught up with other things)...I nap too. But since they are napping, they cant quite wake me up!

Dont even get me started on "neighbors gardeners"'s like each day, they start 1 minute earlier, far sooner than is legally 6:56 am.....and, each neighbor has a gardener on a different day, so good luck every sleeping in past 7am. GEESH. Sometimes, in my fury...because, it is like an incensing fury that comes over me when people wake me up...I dream of things to do, like call the police and report the noise violation, or, more cooperatively, speak with my neighbors about synchronizing the schedule of their day labor.

Now, you've got me off on a whole 'nother quirk, but I remember living in a condo, and the gal adjacent had a bird sanctuary with, seemingly, a quadra-million chirping birds that were created to awake the other birds to tell them the sun was on it's way...EARLY BIRDS IM TELLIN YA.

First, totally against the association bylaws to have that darned bird's coop-cage-thingy. Second, it was like 2 feet taller than the block wall that we shared, another violation.....

And, I worked til 10pm....(at a very stressful and exhaustive job)....and it was those birds every morning, calling at me, screeching at me, mocking me I tell you!

I used to lie in bed, and in my fury, devise ways to get rid of the birds. Cut a hold in that cage, since it bordered up against my wall.....throw in some poisonous food to kill them off,,,, I even was certain, that had I owned a guy, every last feather would have been blasted off of them. Alas, I was always far too tired to get out of my bed to do any of these things...and by the time I was up, I had cooled down enough, that I just wrote a thousand letters to the home owners association, and they assured me she had been fined, many times, and just kept paying the fines (what a brat!)....

now, I guess that is quirk #7, and, inherently, one of my biggest quirks of all (cant believe I forgot it.....) I dont like rule particular (quirk #9) those that bring dogs and pets into places they are forbidden, like places where it is a darned health code look what we have started!!!

heartshapedhedges said...

GRandma J, yes, they finally figured out that caramel comes with apple dippers. Who was the nutritional genious that decided to replace french fries with a healthy substitute, when the healthy substitute included a gloppy substance (caramel) that is probably worse for the child than the non-healthy item (fries) that it was intended to replace????? Please....that's insidious!

So, yes, they know it comes with caramel. And they also know, that they have a mommy that loves them enough to protect them from such evil things, and they often thank me for slurping the caramel out of that little boxette and saving them from the terrible substance.

Thank you.

heartshapedhedges said...

Finally, regarding those crazy was a gun, if I had a gun (not a guy) they would have been blown to smithereens.

And, I also often thought of capturing a cat, and throwing it into that cage...

Now Im all worked up over it, 16 years later!

Grandma J said...

Well that whole "save the kids from the evil caramel" is probably the reason Pooper wants to marry me so he can be your "dad", and of course have the authority to spank you.

jlo said...

I was simply going to comment that we are, in fact, sisters separated at birth...Grandma J do I look familiar to you? I fereakin' hate seafood AND I love nothing more than a nap. It was one of the saddest days of my life when my girls stopped napping. ;)

Then all of the crazy bird hating started and I got all side tracked!!

heartshapedhedges said...

JLo, Pooper is almost 8 and Beauty is 5, and I still get naps out of them. When my husband is in charge of naps on the weekend (like, when Im running errands)...I come home and they havent taken a nap at all, he tells me "they werent tired"...or something silly like that.

With me, it's a mandatory thing, and wouldnt you know, despite their protests that they arent tired, they are usually asleep within 10 minutes :) Im not giving that up until they move from home!

And, I dont mind birds.....just the ones that are held in a cage, under my bedroom window, and spastically chirp at sunrise (when, naturally, Im still sleeping.) :)

The Dorsey Boys said...

The middle child is not the only one forgotten, but it's not the oldest- sorry to rain on your parade!
I think napping is in our DNA!!!