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Monday, August 25, 2008

through rain and sleet and snow and stuff

Last week, I had hardly anything in my mail box... a couple of ads, and that was it. The odd thing, was that I hadnt checked my mail for 3 days, and so much more was expected.

The next day. Nothing.

I called the post office to check and find out why I wasnt getting all my mail. A few ads for nearly a week is not normal, AND, I had some things I was expecting that should have arrived.

The US Post Office Supervisor, Judy, told me that there was no mail waiting for me, no orders in holding my mail, it wasnt in the neighbors box (same street number, adjoining street....often gets my mail and is out of the country for the summer....thought maybe it was put in their "hold" box.) Nope. It was just a slow mail week, Judy explained.

The next day, I made a point to be at the box when the mailman arrived. You see, I had spent a bit of time on the phone the day before, and sure as I thought, some important things had been sent...but I never received them. I confirmed with Dove Chocolates that they had sent me a special letter the week prior, also, a friend had sent me a personal letter....not to mention the never-ending bills.....

So, I told the mail man that I was concerned, and he became very defensive!

I said, Look, Im not blaming you, but I have a right to wonder where my mail is!

He was only a temperary mail guy, as our regular postman was on vacation (probably Beaches, with Elmo, just to make me jealous)....he was defensive because Judy the Supervisor had accused him of losing my mail.....but anyways, he assured me all was fine, just a slow mail week.

I wasnt buying it, but what could I do.

The next day, my dentist calls, asking if we were ok.

Me: Yeah, we're fine, why?

Dentist: Well, your statement was returned to us with one of those yellow stickers that says, "Return to Sender, Unable to Forward"


This explains why I havent gotten any mail.....but now, the mystery thickens, because, why is my mail getting those yellow stickers, and more importantly, why didnt Judy or the sub-mailman know that my mail was getting stickers????

My dentist emailed me a copy of the returned envelope....And, get this, they yellow sticker was dated 8/22/08. 8/22/08 as in in the day after and the day of, my conversations with the post office folks. It wasnt like the yellow sticker was put on a week ago...It was put on discussions with Judy and the mailman started on Wed (and Thursday), what the heck is going on??????

So, today, because I was trying to find an excuse to get out of the laundry, Im going to gather my small children and go to the post office, because, how much fun is that? To deal with postal beauracracies, especially with 3 small children, who undoubtedly will become restless and whine and maybe cry or get into squirmishes with each other?

And, who is easier to deal with than a postal supervisor, except for maybe someone at the DMV? Really, should be a real treat.

Wish me luck.

And...say a little prayer for's probably nothing, but his "tentacle" is hurting...we took him to the ER to make sure it hadnt gotten all twisted up, and the ultrasound was fine. However, that doesnt answer why it is hurting.....leukemia is known to relapse in the testicle, but it typically doesnt have pain (which he has) has a mass (which he doesnt have), that is good news, but still has us a little nervous.



Di said...

Ugh. Good luck. Praying for Pooper. Poor little guy. My boy had testicular torsion when he was about 10. Luckily it fixed itself.

Di said...

Ugh. Good luck. Praying for Pooper. Poor little guy. My boy had testicular torsion when he was about 10. Luckily it fixed itself.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff. Good luck at the post office. Ours quit coming for like 3 weeks once then all at once it all turned up. Very odd.

Praying for Poopy-Pooper right now!

Veronica said...

poor Pooper and his tentacle how everything turns out ok....good luck with the field trip to the post office..let us know what happened.

The Running Girl said...

Good luck with the post office. Our mail is always getting put in the wrong box (and we always get our neighbors mail). Anyway, one of our neighbors decided to write "not at this address" on our mortgage bill, which then got returned to sender, which meant I didn't get the bill, which meant I didn't pay the bill, which meant we almost got sent to collections. I feel your frustrations.

Hope all is well with pooper.

Grandma J said...

Have fun at the post office. You will probably get good service if you ignore the kids and let them run wild without supervision.
I found that out when I bought my car..I let my other grandson run free, and he found where all the keys for the cars were hanging and pushed all the alarm buttons on the remotes...that was before he turned all the ligh switches off.

I will keep pooper in my prayers. It's hard not to worry, but it's good that he knows to say something to you. I think the anxiety level is the worst part of surviving cancer.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh the dreaded Post Office. They have computerized everything and the letter carrier (in their defense) doesn't know when the other section tries to forward the mail. They have terrible customer service. So let the kids run wild.
Wife of a letter carrier. Carol

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Oooohhhhh the mail doesn't get to me yellow stickers but I am missing a $500 check! And who knows what else!

Prayers sent for the "tentacle"...I know how that can make you feel sick inside!

Rebeckah said...

I am going to pray for him every night! I think that taking the three kids to the post office with you would be hilarious and serve them right for messing with your mail : )!

jlo said...

Yep. I say let the kids go crazy in the post office. That'll show him. Pooper is going to be fine...since you are my sister you probably worry like I do, butI will say an extra prayer anyway.