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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bracing for the storm

Im holding on to my hat, waiting for a storm....a good storm....a storm of interested callers.

A typical Saturday morning in our house, has the kids up and making lots of noise by 7am. They are squeeling in delight as they push each other around the hardwood floor racetrack....driving Little One's baby trike or some other push toy. Laughing until someone gets hurt, then their is all kinds of crying. They have Disney Channel on full blast, until someone wants to change the channel, and then another fight ensues.

All the while, Im laying in bed, nowhere near sleeping, but too tired to get up and deal with the circus below.

Eventually My Honey, a morning person, goes down and tells the kids to put on some clothes (you should see the mismatching that goes on without Mommy to pick out their outfits!) and they all troddle off to McDonalds.

It's somewhat of a routine. And, it's not like I get to sleep in, but I do get to lay there and let my mind drift back to the olden days, when I could sleep in til 10am. Oh....those days.

Anyways, today, I was laying there, and my phone rang.

Me: Hello

My Honey: (lots of loud, McDonald Playland, background noise) I hope you are ready for your phone to ring off the hook!

Me: What are you talking about?

My Honey: You are in page 6 of the paper!

**Recently an article about my Dove Chocolate business was in the local paper, and I got many was wonderful, and in fact, Ive been praying and thinking, hoping to get into more community papers, for other areas of Orange County***


My Honey: Yep! Ive already had 3 people from work call me to tell me they saw the article in the paper.

Me: Yipppppeeeeee!!

It's still early, and most people wouldnt call someone this early.....but Im holding on to my hat, bracing for the storm of phone calls.

Im really excited, as this business is brand new (May 2008 for the Western 15 states)....and to be ground level with something like this is a gift, a blessing!

Besides that, the tasting parties are nothing but fun. Ive been inundated with requests for parties, doing at least a couple a week. The word is getting out that they are a blast. Imagine any other "at home" party, but instead of watching someone light candles, or tell you how to coordinate jewelry, I get to do a food demonstrations and the guests sample all kinds of Dove Chocolate treats!

So, Ive got my phone plugged in, charging, and praying that the storm hits big!


aunt julianne said...

you are also in the paper for your food drive. Wow...I am so proud of yu! Ps.. is there a reason baby P has red devil eyes...he is too sweet for that.

jlo said...

Yeah for you!! Want to come out here and do a chocolate party??

P.S. I lived in Olmeca Hall too! I also lived in Villa Alvarado for a year and then lived in an apartment on Montezuma Road. What years were you there again? Too funny!!!

Grandma J said...

Congratulations! With all this publicity, you just might become Dove's version of the Pillsbury Doughboy! Your picture everywhere...commercials!

Veronica said...

Good luck with your business. Is there a website?

heartshapedhedges said...

Well, funny you should ask Veronica....I have a link on the side bar on my blog...

You can see our yummy products, and at the National Convention this weekend...they are unveiling a bunch of new things too.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Congratulations! That does look like fun.

Jason said...

Wow! Good luck!