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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ola, Como Esta?

Pooper came up to me, holding a large book, which was opened up with his pen and paper tucked inside.

Mom, I cant find "pizza" or "pasta" in this Spanish Dictionary, can you help me?

Me: Those words are Italian, and they probably say them the same way in Spanish, why do you want to know how to say them?

Pooper: Well, Dad said that we are probably gonna go to Mexico next year, and so I am putting together some useful things to say, so that I know how to speak Spanish when we go there.

Me: Oh, well, what are some of the other things you have written there?

Pooper: Es su surpiente dorado?

Me: And what does that mean?

Pooper: Is your snake Gold?

Me: Sounds like your ready to go, World Traveler!

** we later found out from a friend, that "oro" is the correct word for gold, and I looked up and saw that "dorado" actually means gilded.

I later called My Honey, to inquire about this upcoming trip.

Me: Hey, Pooper's here obsessing about a trip to Mexico that you told him was happening next year.....

My Honey: Oh, yeah....uh....

Me: All I want to know, is this going to be a lets-help-out-the-poor-and-build-a-house-or-visit-an-orphanage kind of trip to Mexico, or a tropical-vacation-to-Cabo-or-Cancun kind of trip to Mexico? Because, while I'm not a drinker, your kids have me seriously considering a Margarita!


hippo brigade said...

Is your snake gold? That's some funny stuff.

Pumpkin Delight said...

How cute is that story! What a sweety!

Grandma J said...

How cool. Pooper is bi-lingual. I think the first Spanish you learnt was from a toothpaste commercial on TV..
"Si Mama, con Gleem"

Pumpkin Delight said...

Stop over when you get a chance. You've been tagged.

jlo said...

Glad Pooper is learning the important stuff right off the bat.

Although helping the less fortunate is nice and all..I'm secretly rooting for a tropical vacation for you BFF!

Kj said...

I will take you out for a margarita! And why is Pooper inquiring about gold snakes? Random ramblings by your kids could be a monthly topic. Speaking of which, where are the latest fashion trends by Beauty?

Rebeckah said...

I really hope you get to go on a tropical vacation : ). I mean, building houses in third world countries is so lovely, but a real vacation... I think that it is well deserved : ). Talk to your computer guy pronto!