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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sharpies and Chihuahuas

We have been busy here, with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the new school year.

The other day, we had, "Let's get ready for school day"....which included immunizations and school supply shopping.

My kids are WAY behind on immunizations, for a few reasons, including;

A. I only do their shots 2 at a time, I dont see the need to overwhelm their bodies with foriegn invaders.

B. I skip some shots altogether, like Hep B. It's passed via bodily fluids, so I figure if my kids want to grow up and be prostitutes and IV drug users, they can add Hep B to their list of possible consequences, but since they arent engaging in that behavior now, Im not putting that into their system.

C. When Pooper was sick, vaccines were off limits for everyone, due to his fragile immune system, and we have only recently been given the green light to restart the process.

So, we made an appt. for Beauty and Little One to resume their shots. If Pooper is the epitome of bravery, Beauty is the epitome of non-bravery. When she had blood tests last year, she ran around the doctors office screaming, and eventually crawled under a chair and could not be pulled out....she ended up grasping for things, and tore things apart. yeah, fun times.

We talked about the upcoming shots, Pooper even gave her a lesson in how to get through...and I told her she could scream and cry all she wanted, but she was not aloud to run, or move at all, because it is dangerous to do when a needle is involved.

When it came time for the immunizations, I gave Beauty the choice of going 1st or 2nd. She wanted to go 1st. I told her the only thing about going 1st, was the Little One would be watching...and if she acted too upset, it would frighten Little One and make her upset too. Beauty assured me she was ready to be brave, and wanted to go first. Fine.

Sure enough, as we sat down to get them, she went into hysterics, kicking and screaming and trying to escape. I held her with all my might, so that her arm wouldnt move, and soon the torture was over (although the hysterical "horror-film" type screams went on for quite some time, only calming down when we entered TARGET.)

You see, we were off to Target to shop for school supplies. Each kid's class has a "list"...with VERY specific required items....things like, "10 count, crayola washable markers, classic colors." There are about 15 items, and all of them are idenitified in this similar manner.

Now, as you can imagine, I can find the 8 pack of classic colors, washable......the 10 packs I find are in "bright colors" .....or, non-washable.

The 24 pack of #2 pencils have to be the Ticonderoga brand (really?? why???) and, naturally, there are 5 other brands, but not, we do this shopping task, which takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and with 3 kids, 2 of whom just had shots, 1 of whom is way past her nap time, and they other 2 approaching nap's not long before the crying and whining sets in.

We did pretty good though, getting most items, although we never did find the Crayola 24 packs of crayons that both kids had on their list.

I promised Beauty, that if she got her shots (without destroying persons or property) that she would get some new "fancy" shoes. She wears a uniform, so her shoes are the one area where she can sort of let her fashion sense shine through. I was going to get her some sensible shoes, but also let her pick out an extra pair. She went with some rubber soled, sketchers, with lots of pink and black and glittery ribbons criscrossing the slip on. Very pretty.

So, it ws a busy day, and the week has continued on in a similar vein.

Just today, as we were preparing to leave for church, Little One (who can now reach the counter tops!) had a black sharpie pen, as in a PERMANENT MARKER. It was all over her, all over her dress (which is a pretty sundress, that matches Beauty's)...and.....all over (and I do mean, a large, central area) our hard wood floors! We havent figured out how to get it off without taking off the, if you have helpful hints, please pass them along.

We finally got out the door and were driving to church when Pooper said, "When I grow up, I want to get a red bug car, and a chihuahua."

it was at that point, that My Honey put his head in his hands, and wondered how much more difficult fatherhood was going to be.


Leeann said...

I know how hard both shots and school supply shopping can be, so you have my utmost sympathy.

Let me tell you, though, that Ticonderoga pencils are TOTALLY the best pencils. You will "get it" when you use them and you won't go back!


SabrinaT said...

I think they make a Magic Eraser for hard wood? That might save your floor.
ACK, why do teachers insist on a brand? Are they getting kickbacks from the company?

RSMDianne said...

Staples in Ladera has 24 Crayola crayons, at least they did as of Friday. We were looking for the 16 pack, but settled for 24. As for the floors, try rubbing alcohol or non-acetone nail polish remover.

Kudos 2 U said...

I also believe the Magic Eraser or if you happen to know somebody who sells Melaleuca products, Solumel works great on permanent marker.

Ami said...

Rubbing alcohol is good for removing Sharpie from any surface that won't be harmed by alcohol.

There's a cool art project/science experiment involving colored Sharpie and rubbing alcohol that I've done with a Girl Scout troop or two and with my own kids.

The whole school supply thing drives me insane. In the school where I work, all the supplies are dumped into a communal bin to share.

That means that the moms who take the time to label stuff are totally wasting their time.

If you buy the wrong crayons will you have to homeschool your kids?


Pumpkin Delight said...

They make you buy your own school supplies in the OC? That's just crazy. We provide it to our kids. :)

I too agree with the Ticonderoga pencils. If they are sharp, they are the best!

I had to get Hep A & B shots this year, but not because I am drug using whore, but because I traveled to Africa. They were painful and there were 5 in all. But I'm covered for life.

Grandma J said...

Poor Beauty! At least she was willing to step up to the plate and make an attempt to be brave. How did Little One respond?

The kids here have to get their own supplies. walmart, taget and walgreens (maybe others) actually post a list of what each school and class requires. and they have numbered bins that correspond to the lists.

Aye Chihuahua. I can't wait to see the movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Have you seen the commerical? I love when the dog who looks like the Taco Bell dog tells the female diva, "Because you're a chihuahua, Mija"

I don't get those hepatitus shots, I practice safe sex.

Jason said...

Wow. You've been busy!

And about the sharpie? UGH! I'm sure there's bound to be something out there that will work.

Here's a teacher trick: Try tracing over all of her lines with an Expo dry erase marker. Then erase it with a soft, dry rag. It works on white boards, painted brick walls, and bulletin board walls. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

white board cleaner takes permanent marker off really well...not sure what it will do on the floor; but maybe try it in a corner or under a throw rug first. i know it takes it off of desks at school; i write notes to the teachers on their desks with sharpies and it drives them crazy!! :O) fun times!

santa clara, ca

heartshapedhedges said...

Thanks for all the helpful hints on the will be my mission this week, cuz, what else do I have to do, really?

I use Melaleuca products and LOVE Solumel, so, Ill try that :)

My kids go to a private school...but I think the public schools might have to bring their own supplies too...I know they have to have their own laptop...which is supposed to be a real neat thing, but my kids lose sweaters and lunchboxes, not sure how they would do with their own computer.

Besides, Pooper has now crossed the threshold of "computer safety"....he found youtube and found videos of boots killing Dora...nice!

As for Hep B, I used to work with drug and AIDS babies, and was required to get the shot....I didnt, I signed a waiver...and was extra careful changing their diapers (especially since we used cloth diapers and pins.) Im not a fan of shots, unless they are absolutely necessary. Besides, where do you think Beauty gets her "bravery genes"?????

Grandma J said...

Boots killing Dora? Where was Diego when this was going on?

Rebeckah said...

Holy Cow! I wondered where you were for a while! Ticonderoga pencils are the best writing instruments and that is why the state of California wants you to use them... (I've never heard of them either) I am glad you are all done your shots for now. I hope he does get a red bug and a chihuahua when he grows up. That would be cool!

Anonymous said...

What an adventure. I had to get ELEVEN (yes, 11!) vaccines for my trip to Kenya. They put them all in my arms (not my butt) and it hurt like HECK. I could barely move my arms at all for a few days.

Glad ya'll survived. That Pooper cracks me up!

dlyn said...

I only allow Dixon Ticonderogas in my house, but I am not running a school, so I don't know why they require them. They are the world's best pencils though, so maybe that is why. As for the sharpie carnage. maybe try WD-40? Seems like I read someplace it takes off ink stains.

jlo said...

Oh, good times. I swear, as much as we are sisters separted at birth Beauty and Olivia would be a terrifying duo. We really must get the cousins together. When does school start for you?

Some People Call Me Mom said...

Luc had to get 5 separate shots this year to start kindergarten. He wasn't thrilled, but was a real trooper (at least that's what I'm told - I had it easy - my husband took him in).

The pain of school shopping has passed here, the kids started the 5th, but I feel your pain... I'm impressed that you survived Target school shopping with nap deprived, hole filled little ones. You are a strong woman!

Liam still desperately wants a chihuahua named Tito. What is with the chihuahuas? Is it the movie that's coming out that has brought this on us?

Baby Favorite said...

I know that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes permanent marker off of kitchen counters, so it might work on hard wood floors, too.

Good luck!

Laurels word said...

I found your blog through your moms' links, and I have to confess I spent an hour reading it. I so understand the whole school shopping thing. My girls have to have the specific "divatastic" items. Ugh.

As far as the sharpie? Been there done that. I worked on it with alcohol, got most of it out. The rest I covered up with a rug LOL.

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