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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The nerve of people!

Okay, Im sure you have all heard the flap about Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimming phenom, being featured on the box of Frosted Flakes cereal, right?

Now, when I was a child, Frosted Flakes was my favorite cereal. And, not to rat anyone out, but, yes, we were allowed to eat junk food for breakfast when I was a kid...junk like, sugary Frosted Flakes.

Personally, Im not as nice of a mother as Grandma J and I dont allow my kids to eat sugary cereals, not even Frosted Flakes. Even though Pooper and Beauty swim for an hour each day, I try to make sure they refuel with "healthy" snacks....and I tell them all about the building blocks their muscles need, like proteins, etc. The exception, is once a week, is "snack day" on the swim team, and mothers bring all kinds of junk....their is no avoiding it, so I let them have it, but as a rule, I dont have junk in the house, even for busy swimmers.

THAT SAID.....who in the heck is the lady that thinks she can call out Michael Phelps for promoting Frosted Flakes?? Rebecca Solomon, a Nutrionist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, has been all up in a ta-hizzle about Michael Phelps promoting a sugary cereal. She has been on talk shows, (cough,cough, attention-hog!) and basically bad mouthing this American Hero.

I might be annoyed if he were promoting, let's say, (Jamie Lynn) Teen Pregnancy, or, heroin use, or cigarettes.....because, Id be upset if my kids were involved in any of that, and I dont like people promoting it.

But for someone to say he is a bad example for eating a sugared cereal....well, Im pretty sure from the looks of his abs, and the fact that he just didnt go belly up when he hit the water, that the guy is A-OK in the "healthy lifestyle" dept. I realize that with his intensive workout, he gets to eat 12,000 calories a day, but Im gonna go out on a limb and guess that he doesnt eat it all in ice cream and big macs....for the record, when training for a triathlon, I thought I could eat all the ice cream I wanted, because, well, I was training and all...and guess what, it all turned to fat. But if Michael Phelps was leading an "on-the-verge-of-diabetes-life-style" he wouldnt have that body, and he wouldnt cut through the water at high speeds.

So, Id like to know, for the record, just what has Rebecca Solomon done to promote good health? I mean, what does she do personally, ...slamming Michael Phelps all over the media doesnt count.....

For example, is she breaking world records in athletic events to help promote fitness in children?????

Is SHE on the cover of the box of Fiber One????? (I bet she'd LOVE that!)

Would it be ok to follow her around, and the first time that she bites into something with more than a gram of sugar, we sound some alarms and bells and call her a FATTY FATTY 2 X 4???

Again, Im not a promoter of the sugared cereals, but this is a guy who has done quite a bit to promote fitness, discipline, dedication, exercise, and healthy living to our children, the last thing we need is some haggard windbag criticizing him.

So, Rebecca....let me know when you beat Michael's swim times, or when your body fat matches his....until then, go shove a bunch of bon bons in your mouth, and leave the guy alone!


Grandma J said...

Rebecca Solomon is also the Nutrition Coordinator of the Program for Surgical Weight Loss at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She provides nutritional counseling to patients before and after weight loss surgery, and runs the Mount Sinai Weight Loss Surgery Support Group.
You can see her picture and read about her here.

heartshapedhedges said...

Well, I can tell by looking at her, that she's had a ho-ho or two in her day.

And besides, she's a horrible example to young girls, as I know it took a lot of hair dye to get her hair that shade of purple....and that cant be good for anyone.

BTW, Ms. Solomon would L.O.V.E. to lecture you, Grandma J...feeding your grandchildren boat-loads of sugary things when they have sleep overs with you!

Rebeckah said...

I thought that lady was a little whack myself! I can't wait to go see her picture. That Grandma J always has the most amazing resources. I want her to move to Pa. We have lots of bugs but no smog.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca's just bitter about life because she can't control the massive frizz that is her hair. She's taking out on the amazing Michael Phelps. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

I love that Phelps is on a sugary cereal box because he does eat that stuff unlike some celebs that just collect the advertising money and never use the product. I think Ms. Solomon is wacked because moderartion in America is the key to being healthy mixing alot of good with a little bad to have balance. With that said let them eat some sugary cereal sometimes because you never know who your kids will marry one day, they just might be the kid who ate LUCKY CHARMS this morning!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the lovely picture of you on your blog. Is that new or am I just a day late and a dollar short (not unusual in these parts . . .). Anyway, you look FAB and it shows how much your beautiful children look just like you, incredible eyes and all!

And you're spot on with your comments about annoying Rebecca Solomon. Trying to make a buck off Michael Phelps' accomplishments, if you ask me. What a nag.

Karen B.

Kj said...
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Kj said...

Ohmygosh...WHOOOooooo cares? Why do people feel they need to intervene for the sake of the "greater" good? Why is it not ok for people to make choices for themselves regarding business decisions or what they choose to put in their body? Note to Ms. Soloman: A simple statement about moderation and healthy choices would have been sufficient.

jlo said...

And here if I saw Micheal Phelps on Frosted Flakes, I would think, "Hmmm, maybe if I eat those I'll turn out like him!!"

People should mind thier own beezwax!!

Kj said...

We don't eat sugar cereal at our house either...but since you mention it, a bowl of frosted flakes sounds really good right now!

Jason said...

It seems she is just too bored. She's a drama maker/stirrer upper. I cannot tolerate that.

Pumpkin Delight said...

Some people like to make drama just cuz there isn't any.