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Monday, May 12, 2008

**UPDATE** Im ticked at Uncle Sam, and Happy Mother's Day

UPDATE on the Economic Stimulus Check situation....After a bit more research and a lot of time on hold, I know where my check is....NOT IN MY BANK!

Although, I was led to believe that I met all the criteria for my check to be deposited on the 9th of May:

* My Honey's SS# ends in 50
* We DID NOT earn too much (are you kidding GJ???)
* We paid taxes
* Our tax return was processed back in Feb.
* We did our taxes online with automatic deposit

Apparently, there was an asterix next to the "online deposit" rule.

I did our taxes via Turbo Tax (love that!) and though it was submitted online, and the return deposited to our bank electronically.....Turbo Tax took their fees out of our return, which somehow disqualifies us from the "online deposit" category.

We are now schedule to have our checks MAILED to us, JUNE 13.

What a kicker!

I called my bank, to let them know, so, maybe they will have mercy on me and just hold everything until My Honey is paid on Wed. And, they are reversing a few of the "overdrawn" fees....geesh.....

Stay tuned....Im working on my next post in my is about our Colombian family, and MTV is involved!!


First, Happy Mothers Day to Grandma J We hope you had fun...we missed you here.

My Mother's Day was, church, chocolates, and a new purse....

Im not a purse person, but there is a bag I have wanted for a long time, in fact, it was my Christmas gift from a few years ago. I have a gift certificate for it, that I received in's a purse with a picture on it. Glad I didnt get it back then, so now I was able to order it with Little One's picture included :) Sort of a bonus that I had the gift certificate from years ago, so it didnt really cost anything.

Anyhoo..speaking of money, I know..taboo, but here I go....

Typically, I dont spend money unless I have it. Not counting the fine art of juggling bills and buying chemo when I really dont have the money...that's different.

What I mean, is that we dont do credit cards, arent really shoppers (as evidenced by the maternity pants and top that I am wearing....and that I will probably wear on W/F/S of this I rotate my 2-3 outfits - most of which are comprised of maternity garments....) So, I dont shop much.

But, you know, the "economic stimulus" checks are coming, and besides my new dental work, there were a few items that I thought we needed. I wanted to get the kids new shoes, a couple pairs of pants for Little One who has outgrown her warm pants recently (since the weather here is schizophrenic....high of 64 with light rain today, it will be in the 80's by Wed.), I spent money, FULLY BELIEVING THE GOVT that my check would be deposited on MAY 9th, per the IRS notices and website.

Trust me, I checked this out. Checked the IRS website, checked Google for new info, asked friends who had SS#'s ending in 00-19, to see if they got theirs on the 2nd of May (yep and yep), according to the plan, my check was to have been deposited on May 9th.

Lo and behold, I have checked my online banking 54 times since Friday, and they only thing being deposited is bounced check fees. HELLO! Not the kind of stimulus I needed.

I know, totally my bad. Should not have bought these things without KNOWING, SEEING the money in my account....but, it's really bugging me now!

Im wondering, have those of you expecting checks received them on time?

So far, those who did automatic deposit on their taxes, had their taxes filed before the April 15th deadline, and whose last 2 digits of the primary social are 00-75, should have received their monies.

did you get yours? how will you spend it? on shoes and a root canal? just wondering.......


Grandma J said...

I got mine. They started depositing them 0n 5/2, but mine wasn't deposited until the 8th. The last two numbers on my SS# are 16.
I don't know your income, but there is a ceiling that you can make to qualify for the stimulus check.
I find it interesting that people who don't pay any tax get $300.

Anonymous said...

I am suppose to get mine on the 17th. Everyone I know has gotten them early though.

My parents said if I use some of the money for a new mattress and box springs they'll pay for half so that's what I'm doing!

The Running Girl said...

Haven't received ours yet, but we are at the end because they go by my husband's ss# (if they went with mine we would have been first). Ours will be going toward vacation!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

98!...I end in uncool is that? I may never see mine!- Hope yours is deposited soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Grandma J and Andrew and Christine. I had to comment to let you know that, my friend who should have gotten hers on the 9th, has also called the bank 50 times. Because she has spent the money and didn't get it. She tried calling and the IRS has a recording, saying they are busy, call later.
Sorry, Carol

Jason said...

I got mine a week ago. And I'm spending it on bills. Isn't that economically stimulating?

Moob said...

Delurking to say: I got mine on the 9th and I did my taxes exactly like yours...same program, same fees deducted, same deposit...odd that you didn't get one for those reasons when I (and my roommate and our future roommate and the gal who used to sit in front of me at work) all did. :(

Cathy said...

98!...I end in uncool is that? I may never see mine!- Hope yours is deposited soon :)