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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I want my MTV

I was just getting ready to blog about our Colombian Family. Lately, my kids, have been so ungrateful about what they have in life. There's a mini-meltdown likely to be had any time things dont go their way.

Pooper is a really good kid, but he, in particular, has been particularly demanding, throwing a fit anytime he doesnt get what he wants.

I've had to play the Colombian Family card a few times, and I was even thinking of using my not-yet-deposited-economic-stimulus-check to finance his way to Colombia, to spend the summer with one of his South American siblings, and learn what true hardship really looks like.

Recently, I bought him new shoes, but he complains when I tie them as they are, "too tight" (they arent tight at all, he just doesnt like any pressure on his feet, but he needs the ankle support.)

Me: Do you know that your Colombian brother doesnt even have shoes? He walks around with cuts and sores on his feet, as he walks the miles and miles to get water and wood for the family each day....He would be soooo grateful to wear these new shoes! the food of the day that he complains about.....

Me: Your Colombian sister doesnt even get to eat every day...she is lucky if she can find some bugs on the ground to eat...and she doesnt complain, she is thankful for those bugs, Im pretty sure she would say, "Thank you so much Jesus!" If she got a McDonald's hamburger, even if they did forget the ketchup.

The usefulness of our Colombian Family has been maximized lately, and the thing that is so odd, is that I think MTV has been eaves dropping on my brain!

The other night, while watching the Hills finale, I saw a preview of Exiled, the new MTV series.

Remember that "Sweet 16" series, with the spoiled brats that had over the top birthday parties...where they cried if they got a white Bentley instead of a black one? or, cussed out their parents for not getting the right band to entertain the guests? You know, the parties that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Well, get this, now those spoiled kids are being taught a lesson, being sent to impoverished countries, to live with teens their age, for a week (my plan was for a summer, which I think would be much more effective.)

Aside from the fact that they stole my idea, I just love this concept...because, well, it was mine!

Im thinking I can probably save myself the funds, and rather then send Pooper to Colombia, I can just have him watch this show with me (imagine, encouraging my son to watch MTV!!) I cant wait for the programs to air....stay tuned, as Im sure I will have some blog posts to follow about these educational shows and their impact on my kids.


Grandma J said...

That show sounds interesting. I guess it could be a valuable tool in putting life in perspective for kids. I wouldn't send Pooper to Columbia for God sake, that place is full of corruption and drug cartels. Send him here to Texas. BTW, I told him he can travel here for exactly $13, which is what he said he has.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! This may make up for some of MTV's other programming. And playing the Columbian family card is classic. You make me laugh!

Karen said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the Columbian siblings could visit you guys for a vacation or Christmas. I have a feeling the red tape would be over the top

heartshapedhedges said...

Grandma J, while I appreciate your offer, um, it wont probably have the outcome I am seeking.

No offense, but, the slumber parties with all of the marshmallows/ice cream/sugar cereal/ you can eat, and shopping sprees at Target...well, Im not gonna point fingers, Ill just say, they arent part of the solution.

My kids *love* their outtings with you....but, let's be honest, they have shades of "mtv-sweet-16-parties"

I guess that's what grandma's are are definitely #1 in the grandma department.

suz said...

I love this whole concept.
I TOO have to remind my kids what they have, that others don't and actually what I DID NOT have either...
I actually hated that sweet 16 show. The kids were so over the top spoiled. If they don't like staying with the poor families, they can stay with me. We are not poor, but I will certainly make them feel like it!!!!
By the way, My Dad always threated me with my food by using the poor kids in China....I offered to get an envelope and mail off my liver and onions to them myself.
Love your blog-You are very entertaining.