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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood

Great news!

Pooper went on an audition a week ago, and we go the news that he got the part.

The casting call was for kids ages 5-13, and they must be able to swim. Well, Pooper's resume lists his "competetive swimming" as a skill, and he was selected to audition. (his agent said he was the only kid that she submitted from their agency, to even get picked for the audition.)

So, he went to the audition, as did a ton of other kids...and he got the job.

The few things I know about this job:

* It is a Public Service Announcement for "Stand Up 2 Cancer"....

* It's being produced or directed (or whatever) by David Fincher who did Fight Club, Seven, Panic Room and other famous stuff (of which I havent seen any, but, anyhoo.)

on a side note....I looked up that organization, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and dabbled around online, and found that it is a new effort to eradicate cancer....with lots of celebrities onboard. Everything else seems to be kinda hush hush, but when I know more, God knows Ill post it here. So, kinda cool!

*The ad he is doing is a "pool party" scene...he needs to wear his bathing suit.

Now, here's the bad news...I know, I know, but Im a glass-half-empty person.

When we were at the audition, the casting gal asked if I was going to audition...

Me: uh, no, Im just here with my son.

Her: Well, we'd like you to audition too.

Me: Um, well, this isnt really my thing.

Her: We are looking for parents too.

Me: if I dont, will it hurt my son's chances?

Her: No, but it's pretty easy, just fill this out (hands me paperwork, clearly not taking "no" for an answer)

So, Pooper and I went in together, and they filmed us answering questions. Then I saw my self on their tv screen and had one of those moments, where, like, I had forgotten what I looked like, and was not happy with the size of myself on screen.

When his agent called to tell me he got the part, she said:

her: Did they ask you to audition too?

Me: Um, oh, yeah.

her: Well, you got the part too.

Me: ohferkryingoutlowd, I dont want to do a pool party scene! Im not wearing a bathing suit, and I dont have any cute "resort wear"....I hope they have a plus-size wardrobe department, and do airbrushing and stuff....

Well, I really didnt say all that, but I sure thought it!

Ill get all the details tomorrow, and of course, will post all about it after we do the shoot on Saturday (if Im allowed...of course.)

In the meantime, go to Pooper's agency website, and click on "bookings" to see his announcement :) He is very excited.

Youth Talent Connection


BOSSY said...

This is great! Congrats to the both of you. Bossy understands about the bathing suit thing, but they want you! They really want you!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are FAMOUS!!! I can't wait to see you guys in action! Pooper's picture on that website is VERY cute!

The Running Girl said...

That is so cool! When I was younger, I dreamed of being an actress. Looks like that didn't happen for me. Maybe Pooper can live out my dream.

Grandma J said...

Fantastic! I am really excited I can hardly wait to hear all about it..and of course see him and you in the ad. He can be very animated, and so can you, Kim. I think you were both cut out for fame. This isn't the first for Pooper though. Remember his debute on those Hyundai Hope on Wheel spots that aired a couple of years ago for just one day during some sports event I think? And they used Andrew's pictures on their website. Not a paying job, but at least he was on TV.
I've been meaning to ask Andrew if I can be his manager.

Leeann said...

Congratulations to Andrew, er, to both of you!!

v said...

WHOOOOAAA You should change your blog name to "Heart Shaped Hollywood". lol congrats on the acting gig. Hopefuy when they tape it, it will be on YouTube, i dont believe we will see it in TX. Wel good luck.


heartshapedhedges said...

Hey V,

You should see it, it's a national PSA.

I know they filmed some in NY, with Morgan Freeman, Susan Sarandon, Lance Armstrong (of course) and other celebs.

Im sort of anxious to see what celebs will be at our LA know, with me in my thong....

I think they are putting together a big thing...and that these ads are leading up to some big thing....(it's all a secret or something)...but, I think they will be shown all over the country :)

Some People Call Me Mom said...

Very exciting stuff! When it comes on I'll be all excited and then when my *insert family member here* asks me why I'm acting like a loon - I'll be all "I know them... well, I know them from a blog"! (Sad pitying looks will follow)

Good job guys!

Manager Mom said...

Congrats... I am kind of flummoxed by David Fincher. He did an EPT commercial that just really messed with my head. It's not like he can't get work, why is he making these commercials?

Carole said...

Hey that is so cool, congrats to you both!