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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

check it out!!

Check out Andrew's commercial.

Now, after that long saga, you wont believe the end product. It's very cool, but, when I think of all the retakes, and turning this way, stand up a little sooner, etc. and in the end, did it really matter?

I dont think you can even see either of us in them....pool scene, dodger stadium.....

Stand Up 2 Cancer

it's on the home page (click on the box of the actress, the PSA)

the whole initiative looks really neat.....lots of info to explore on the website.

Also, I started a team, "Kids with Cancer"... obviously, you dont need to be a kid, but it's emphasis is to bring awareness to the kids that get cancer. Also, you can donate, but you dont need to donate....please join, I think there will be fun things over the summer re: the team concept (just dont know what those are yet.)

ok, enjoy.


Young Creations said...

That is really cool. I watched the whole thing. You are right it is hard to see the specifics. But I think it is neat that you and Andrew got to do this commercial. You will be able to show it to him when he grows up and he will be proud. He is a cancer survivor. He is proud. I am proud of him.

Veronica said...

That was cool. Congrats. Where were you guys in the pool party scene? I paused it but it was kind of blurry. The Dodger stadium scene could have been done with a computer....but we wouldnt have had Rose stories now would we? Well congrats to both of you....YOU STOOD UP TO CANCER!!!

heartshapedhedges said...

Thanks guys!

The pool party......Andrew is the kids splashing around behind the girl with the "rose" colored really cant see him.

I am up above the kids, sort of on the far left....they wanted us to wear muted clothes, and I think they further muted them...I was in a light blue shirt.

BTW, I created a "team" on the su2c website, Im gonna post on the front...please join...there is no pressure to donate money, you can join for free...

Grandma J said...

That's really cool. I kept trying to see Andrew, but I did see the whale that he was riding. I tried to find your team, and didn't see it. I saw all the MLB teams and two individual ones but not yours.
Is Pooper's stage name going to be Andrew or Pooper.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Ya'll are famous!

It's hard to believe that it only took them as long to make the commercial as it did for you to tell the story of it!

I joined your team! Way to go Pooper!

The Running Girl said...

Darn! I can't watch the commercial here at work because my computer doesn't have the software needed to play it. I'll have to check it out at home.

Grandma J said...

Ok, joined, donated, and finally saw Andrew jumping up and down behind the gal in the rose colored swimsuit

Anonymous said...

you all are famous I saw you on the today show this morning.