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Friday, May 2, 2008

guilty pleasures

Sometimes, it seems, that people look down on, "spending time on the computer." Im not sure if it's because it's not an aerobic exercise and therefore seems to be a lazy thing to do. Or, maybe people associate the internet with bad things, such as porn or chat rooms or violent role play games, and that is why they have a negative view of it.

I prefer to spend my "down time" on the internet...rather than watching some mindless tv show, Id prefer to come online and be more interactive; whether just looking up interesting things that I have always wondered about, or reading the news, or browsing through blogs, or writing my own, I just enjoy having the endless options that are available on the computer.

I have wondered, if people would be as critical of someone sitting around reading encyclopedias, or taking an art class, or writing a short story. I think not. I think that for some reason, people just consider spending time on the internet less creative, less intellectually stimulating, but I think they are wrong.

The other day, I was listening to Leo LePort on the radio. He has a talk show about "tech things"....not really my favorite show, but talk radio is limited on the weekends. In any case, he was talking about this very subject, and said he would much prefer his teen boys be on the internet, rather than playing video games.

He talked about the creative projects, from graphics to photoshop, music production to web development that they have been able to to learn from their time on the computer. It was great to hear his perspective, and to have someone publically acknowledge the positive things that one can do online.

He encouraged people to call in and talk about the creative outlets that they have fostered on the computer.....writing blogs, reading blogs, even playing puzzles....all are valuable in my eyes.

What do you think? Do you think people look down on "computer time"....What worthwhile things do you like to do on the computer? Id like to know.


Dianne said...

I got a new iMac for Christmas this year, after using a pc for 15 years. I know the pc really well, my friends call me for computer help, all self taught and remembering the things that tech support has told me. I spend a couple of hours a day on the computer and I feel guilty, but I shouldn't. I am trying to learn new programs, they are similar, but different. I have been teaching myself iMovie, iPhoto, and Photoshop, so I can put together a dvd of the pictures I have taken of my daughter's spring soccer team to show at the team party. But it seems as though hours disappear. As a stay at home mom with older kids now (4 kids, the youngest is 9), I feel like I should be doing the laundry, organizing the cupboards, cleaning out the garage, gardening, yet I find myself in here. Maybe I should just allow myself a set time daily on the computer, and use it without guilt!

dgm said...

My beloved laptop is awesome for so many things: the Internets, writing, learning (like Dianne) how to do things with photos and videos and dvds and music. Maybe it's a generational thing because a lot of friends my age (44) don't spend much time on the 'puter but will devote countless hours to television, which I pretty much watch about once a month, at best.

Kristin said...

LOVE my computer time... once those kids are out the door, I sit down with a cup of coffee and my laptop... it's one of the best times of my day!

Grandma J said...

My flat panel monitor and flat panel TV sit right next to each other, just like the Bobsey Twins. There aren't that many TV programs that I care about, but I don't want to have to leave my PC when my programs come on...not that I'm always on the PC or anything.
I not only do my blog, I read newspapers, chat with old friends and family with emails, and self-diagnose all my terminal illnesses.

Young Creations said...

I love my computer. You explained it perfectly. I like to relax with my computer. I get everything all cleaned up, the kids in bed and then I get into bed. I love to read information. I think of it as my own portable library. If I find something that I am interested in learning about, I just log on and learn away. It has become my favorite hobby.
Have a great weekend.

Grandma J said...

Good luck today with your kick-off Alex Lemonade Stand! I know the official nation-wide stand is in June, but this one is very festive with the Taste of Ladera being a big draw. I hope you get lots of pictures cuz I'm not there to see how high Pooper goes on the rock climbing...or Little One.

Pooper is such an entrepreneur. I'd love to know how many thousands he's raised over the years.
When are you having a contest to change Pooper's name?