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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To say or not to say......

You know, when I met up with Bossy and the girls ( the young one , the smart one , and the adventurous one ...although, all three are smart, young and adventurous..and then, go check them out!) We chatted about things that only bloggers chat about; what to write about, how much to share, recognizing who is reading, etc. etc. We all agreed, that part of the beauty of blogging, is being able to be honest, completely honest, and having people connect and relate to what is in your heart.

Since Im not a single gal, living in a vaccuum, sometimes the honesty that I share, is not only my innermost goings-on, but that of my family too. Now, my children cant complain for another decade or so, as evidenced by some of the embarassing situations I have been able to share to date. My Honey, on the other hand, is usually only protected by the fact that he doesnt read my blog. But, if he does read my blog, say on the day that I disclose our financial pitfalls, well, hypothetically, he wouldnt be happy about it.

I guess if I were a New York Housewife, one with class and "ambiance" (can I just digress, and say I know Ramona was being rude, but I totally was cheering her on when she tore into Alex for bringing her creepy husband to girl's night)....if I were like that, I wouldnt talk about the unspeakable things, like money. But, Im not like that, and I blog, and quite honestly, I realize there are a bunch of people struggling financially in today's economy, and if they can get a little bit of relief from reading about someone else's problems, and knowing they arent alone, and learning that, it's ok to laugh about the tough times in life, than it's really worth sharing, IMO.

Someone mentioned to me recently, that they noticed I only share about the bad things that happen in my life. Well, I would hate for anyone to think that my life is miserable, far from it. I just dont think it would be all that interesting to tell you all about how wonderful I am, how perfect and smart my children are (although, admittedly, sometimes I go there, because they are...), how beautiful my house is, how resort like my neck of the woods is, I mean....boring!

I dont really want to connect with people that think they are "all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips", If I did, I'd go hang out with the NY Housewives. No, I would rather connect with real people, with real problems, just doing their best in life. I've never been a glass half-full type person, Id rather recognize that the glass is half empty, and do what I can to fill it up....or at least gripe that I want it to fill up, ya know? But what is life if we cant just be honest?

A friend of mine, who reads blogs, started her own blog last month. She said she would send me the link, but I never got it. Finally, I asked her, "hey, what's your blog address? you never sent it to me." and she answered, "I had to quit my blog."

Me: Why??

Her: Im an angry blogger?

Me: What??? (because she is very sweet, glass half-full-ish, and very mellow.)

Her: Yep, Im an angry blogger, I learned that about myself.

Me: You arent angry, you are very sweet.

Her: Well, apparently, the sweetness is only covering up all of the anger that comes out on my blog, so I had to quit.

Interesting. This blogging thing is a lot more therapeutic and insightful than even *I* imagined.

So, in an effort to work through my issues, and give you all a bit of comic entertainment, Im going to continue to share what is true. Whether angry, or private, or glass-half-emptyish, because, that's how I roll. For those that have come only looking for the flowers and ponies and rainbows, sorry, while I hope you can find them in between the lines, my blog is, admittedly, not written to impress.

And with that said, stayed tuned for the recap of how I spent yesterday, complete with diarrhea, dead batteries, and a tooth that was hollowed out after getting a shot in the roof of my mouth. Doesnt that sound fun?


Hippo Brigade said...

I'm so glad you blog honestly. I don't think anyone would actually find the rainbows, unicorns, and glass-half-full stuff all that interesting. I can't wait to hear about your day of diarrhea... That's the stuff that makes blogging so much fun.

Jill B. said...

I am a glass crushed under my heel type of person.

I am also a person who has a blog, but doesn't update often enough. I like reading blogs, just not updating my own.

Grandma J said...

You have never been one to put on airs, or brag. Well, yes, you brag but only about others.
I love reading about all the tripping, pooping and losing keys stuff.
I already know about your neighborhood and your home and the fact that your stairs are wide enough to drive a car up.
Keep it real and thank you. I sometimes feel like the stuff I blog about is foolish and trivial....but it's how I feel at the moment, and that's that.
Love you.

Oh, maybe one thing...have a contest or something to rename Pooper.

Some People Call Me Mom said...

I'm starting to think that Grandma J really wants you to re-name Pooper - I can't really see why. I'm somewhat baffled by it...

I'm glad you blog the way you do. That's what drew me to your blog and kept me here. When I really started on my blog that was my "one thing" - be real and be honest. People need to see that life isn't perfect. You can have a bad parenting day and still be a good parent, poop stories are always funny, and bad hair can happen to good people (just not me).

Anyway - you are real and gosh darn it - people like you!

v said...

I love your blog. Its full of "ACTION" not bad things. You seem like the type of person that laughs in the face of life's little problems and do your best to fix them (fib about grandpas dementia). i cant get over that. Keep up the good work.

Leeann said...

Add me in to another one of your readers that enjoys your blog!

Always keep it real!


Kristin said...

I'm all over the place... somedays I am brutally honest and somedays I am trivial... it all depends, but, as you said, it's incredibly therapeutic and I find that I work through stuff through not only the writing and sharing, but also the feedback.

BTW - I dig being the adventurous one... makes me feel like Kim Possible! ;-)

dgm said...

Whatever we all blog about, I think it takes guts if we're going to be honest. I find it interesting that your friend discovered she is actually an angry person, and that she learned this through her blog. Although I find writing therapeutic, I don't think my blog has taught me anything deep about myself, unless it's that I'm rather shallow. :-)

I want to go on adventures with Kristin!

Young Creations said...

Please keep it real, it is what keeps me coming back.

Anonymous said...


Veronica and I would never really have anything to talk about if it weren't for yours and Grandma J's blog!