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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Important announcement, the writer of this blog has fallen, and she cant get up, and she has fallen over the cliff they call "sanity"

In case any of you thought I was just taking a break, the kind of break my husband thinks I take every day, the one where I sit on the couch, with my friends, Ben and Jerry, watching Oprah, well, I was not on that break. In fact, I can really use that break right now, but Im not on it, in case you were wondering.

When we last spoke, I was holding on to a thin rope, a very thin rope. It had been worn down and frayed by things like, oh, an idiotic, barely-legal, infinity driving drama queen, and other things, like trying to juggle the financial mess that happens when you pay for cancer treatment and gas goes up to $4 a gallon.

So, one of the last straws, which is probably not kosher to talk about, but Im not Jewish, so here I when I had a play date planned for my son.

The other mom was stopping by to drop off her son's things, sleeping bag, etc. She knocked on the door, and I answered, and as she was leaving, I noticed something on my door, nothing too embarassing or anything, just the paper that said, "we are selling your house in 19 days."

My emotions were going back and forth, like a pendelum on full swing, over the embarassment that this mother surely saw the note when she knocked on my door, and probably thought, "hmmm, it's not for another 19 days, my son is safe here tonight, maybe." and "OH CRAP, what is this note?"

Not a suprised to some of you, is the shenanigans it takes to pay your bills, and your medical bills, and the extra loans you took out so that your son could have the medication ($58 a pill x 3 pills a day) that kept him from throwing up, when he was anorexic and on a feeding tube.

So, back in January, we made a little deal with our mortgage company to pay back some late fees. No big deal, besides our credit is already destroyed (but our son is alive!) But this agreement was in place since JANUARY, and all has been paid, on time, as promised.

Imagine the suprise, to find this note on my door in April, when I have been paying my agreed amount on time, and then some, since January. I called the mortgage company people up (subtract one hour from my life, or from my laundry duties, while I spend it on the phone with these folks) and all they could say was, "sorry, it was a mistake, it's all better now."

Since that day, I have been living my life, thinking it was all better. But it was not. Because, apparently, I was not the only one that got the note on my door, we have a 2nd loan, and an equity loan, and both of them got the same notification.

About a week ago, My Honey got a call at work from his dear dad. Dad had received a call from our 2nd loan folks, saying that they received a notice that we had abandoned our house and were not paying, and nobody could reach us (ok, it's like the game of telephone, so not sure if that was *exact* but to the best of my knowledge.)

This annoyed me for many reasons; 1. we were caught up on all loans, and 2. please dont go pestering my dear father in law with this stuff! It's bad enough that I was embarassed in front of my son's friends's mom, but hello, now my father in law.

I called the 2nd people, to clarify things and get the record straight, and then there was that part about calling my father in law. I wanted his number off their records, not sure how it got there to begin with (they have never called him before, that I know of, even when we were late with payments.) I figured asking them to remove his name wouldnt work, and since I was fired up, and since sometimes I can search deep within my inner parts to find a tad bit of drama, I found some.

I told them, that my father in law was quite elderly, and is battling dementia, and that calling him up to tell him that we had abandoned our home, caused quite a stir. He was all worked up, worried about where we were, worried about his grandkids, and the staff at his rest home had a tough time calming him down. And that was all it took to get the nice man's phone number off our records.

Of course, My Honey came home from work, and told me he had relayed my antics to his father, who found it, not. so. funny. Probably because he is not elderly, and has a sharp mind, but, at least he wont be bothered by the folks from our 2nd loan anymore.

I also had to set the record straight with our equity loan folks, who got the notice and then filed their own legal notices, to protect their interests. Except that their interests were never really at risk, and now there are LEGAL FEES that are assigned to my bill.

So, kill one more hour or two from my life, and my laundry duties, so that I can clear the air, and call my original mortgage loan folks, and tell them they are going to have to pay me for these other legal fees that are all due to their mistake.

Now, I think it is all better. I think. So, I can get back to more important things, like being a mom, and fighting a power plant in our neighborhood, and watching Oprah with my friends Ben and Jerry.

By the way, I like to remind myself, that despite the crappy state of our finances, our children are alive and healthy. If you want to see how cute Pooper is, check out his new photos, because he wants to make movies; Pooper's Pix click on Andrew's headshots to view.


Grandma J said...

I hate it when communication goes out the window and things go haywire. Doesn't your head spin really fast when things got out of hand like that? Spin, as in the exorcist spin. With interest low, the key word might be consolidate.

I love all the pictures of Pooper. That cast is pretty cool too. The hair is HOT!!

Maybe, since he is gonna be a big star, and he's getting older....a different nickname would be in the works? Like some small change...take an "O" out, call him Popper. Make it a contest or something...

Glad all is calm and your friends Ben and Jerry stuck by you.

v said...

1. I apologize for being selfish. I check your blog daily to see if there are any new posts, and when i dont see any in a few days, i too feel like you are having fun, doing lunch or watching oprah. Sorry
2. You have confirmed my belief that little white lies dont hurt. Grandpa having dementia is priceless. lol
3. I have no G rated words ot thoughts about your mortgage company so i will not comment on that incident. God bless with your finances. It will get better
4. I love Poopers headshots. My favorite are the ones in the vest with his leg up against the wall. HANDSOME. I hope you are still blogging when he starts dating, i cant wait for those stories.

Some People Call Me Mom said...

Why must sanity be such a wispy, thin thing? I am sorry to hear of all the hubbub (who knew that word would be in my spell checker thingy that sort of keeps me from looking like a moron. If only it worked for other things - like putting my foot in my mouth...) happening at your house.

I wonder what the most interesting story you could have come up with to explain that notice to the mom?

I'm going to have to ponder that one for a while. The kids don't really need to be supervised, do they?

Some People Call Me Mom said...

Totally forgot to add:

I'm totally impressed by your creativity regarding your FIL. I think that's how I got so sidetracked by what kind of story you could come up for the notice on your door...

Grandma J said...

I had to look at all the pictures of Pooper again. My fav? the one of him sitting on the skateboard. That is so him. Love it!!

Jason said...

Wow. You've been going through a LOT. I can't imagine.

I just can't stand dealing with companies, especially the ones that can get you by the short hairs leaving you no recourse.

Good luck with everything. I hope this mortage company issue goes quietly away.

The Running Girl said...

How horrible. I hope that it is truly fixed now, but sorry you had to go through all of that. You really do need a break - the kind with Ben & Jerry and Oprah - and maybe a beach and a margarita somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the "anonymous"'s Karen formerly of Bundles of Joy. Kim, I cannot believe how much Pooper has grown since I saw him last! He is SO handsome and he looks SO healthy. You'd never know by looking at his pictures, how sick he was and what he's been through. I just LOVE the pictures!

GPS said...

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Anonymous said...

Lordie, Lordie, that is just too rotten for words. I can just imagine the red flush of heat rising up your neck when the other mom saw that notice on your door. Unless she knows what Andrew has been through and has some insight into the financial devastation that comes along with that.

I HATE dealing with insurance companies, banks etc., so I commiserate with you on what you had to go through. I was flabbergasted (in a good way) at the clever fib you came up with regarding your FIL. I wonder if they really do take his name and number off, or if in fact, they just write down what you told them and note "don't call unless it's a real emergency".

I hope smoother sailing is ahead for you all!

Karen B.

Cortney said...

Sorry to hear about all that. I'm glad it's all worked out now. I stopped in the middle of your post to pay my car note which I paid online on Friday and didn't go through and NEVER goes through and I always end up getting a late fee for a bill I already paid but their system sucks!

Poopers pictures are REALLY great! I love when he's trying to look all mean/mad. He's really cute!