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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saving Grace

Today was going to be a chance to get away and recoup, if only for a few hours.

A friend invited me to the Women's Luncheon at her church. It was very thoughtful, and provided me a much needed opportunity to get away, relax, and enjoy mature conversation.

The past week was hectic, if for no other reason, than My Honey was on the East Coast doing business, and I was juggling life at home on my own. Between the kids, their schools, activities, meltdowns, bath and bedtime, packing lunches, etc. I barely had a chance to take a shower, let alone put on any mascara. I looked homeless for much of the week.

So I was looking forward to today. To taking a shower, wearing clean clothes, and having some girl time.

I took a nice long shower, blew dry my hair (a rarity, because even when I do get a chance to wash it, I normally dont also have time to blow dry it.) and even wore a skirt and heels.

I was all set to go, and was thinking about the luncheon as I approached the stair case. Something happened as I took the first step, and I tripped, and before I knew it, I had fallen on my knees, legs behind me, and proceeded to slide down the stairs on my shins.

My Honey came rushing into the entry way, as he heard my screams, and he watched as I came to an abrupt (and dramatic) stop at the bottom of the stair case.

I couldnt speak. My legs were burning, and as I sat and stretched my legs out in front of me, My Honey, "ooohed and aaaahed" at the bruises already forming along the rug burns that went from my ankes to my knees. There were a few places where enough skin had peeled off, that I was bleeding, but Ill tell you the majority of pain came from the burns up and down my shins.

During my *slide*, I was fearful that I would be thrown forward, face first. I couldnt stop myself, since my legs were tucked underneath me. I tried to reach out and grasp onto the handrail, but just couldnt do it. It was just a hideous, goofy fall. Im sure Pooper would have thought it hilarious if he had seen me, as I imagine I looked like a cartoon character, or maybe even some cool snow boarder, although I was neither, I was just a clutzy mom.

I eventually gathered myself together, legs afire, and drove to the luncheon. I arrived a bit late, and my pretty skirt gave witness to the incident that caused my delay. The little tussle that left my legs red, bruised, skinned and bleeding.

Life is so full of ups and downs, big and small. I hope if I dont quite have the grace to roll with the punches, I can at least laugh at the falls.


Young Creations said...

I am so sorry about your spill. I have done just that same fall. And those rug burns hurt so much. Use neo-sporin.
Feel better.

v said...

Awww glad you didnt hurt yourself too badly. Hope the luncheon was fun

Leeann said...

Oh bless your heart! That had to have hurt something fierce! The fact that you still went (and didn't put on slacks first!) illustrates how badly you needed to get out and get some away time. I hope you had an excellent time!


Grandma J said...

Oh geez! You're lucky you didn't land on your head.

Did the kids kiss your booboos? I'm not so sure Pooper would laugh, but I'm sure Beauty would love to play nurse. She can put neosporin and princess bandaids on your scrapes.

One suggestion. Maybe, just maybe, if you want to wear heals you should wait to put them on until you're downstairs. That's a good rule to follow after a certain age.

Hopefully the luncheon took the sting out and you ended up having some fun.

Cortney said...

Awwww! I definitely agree with Grandma J about the heels. I'm a big fan of holding them in my hand until the second I walk out the door!

Hope your legs are feeling better!

The Running Girl said...

Oh my! That sounds like it hurt - really bad. Hope the legs heal fast.