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Monday, April 28, 2008

Everybody makes mistakes

I remember picking Pooper up from school recently, and the teacher informed me that he had a mishap (of some sort, which I now forget.) I gave him a stern look and let him know I was not happy, and his teacher looked at him with a smile, and sang in her best Miley Cyrus voice, "Everybody has bad days, everybody makes mistakes..." which made Pooper smile, and they both agreed he could start over tomorrow with better behavior.

And it's true, everyone does make mistakes, but some mistakes seem to be more than just a misstep.

Take for example, Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) and her latest photos. By latest, I mean the lipstick laden shots of her with a bed sheet wrapped around her otherwise bare chest. They were taken by some edgy photographer for Vanity Fair, and honestly, I dont really expect a teen girl to *get* the full impact of such publicity.

And, Ill just admit right now, that Im conservative, and strict and judgmental (not sure why that word has such negative connotations, I've always thought judgment was a good thing to have.)

I do, however, think that parents should *get* that such a photo spread might not be the best representation of their teen daughter. Especially, in light of the other photos, those that circulated through the internet last week, of Miley flashing her bra, or showing off her stomach as she's laying on some guy.

It's like when Kim Kardashian was "embarassed" over her sex tape, and her mom talks her into doing Playboy.

I just totally dont think like that. I would think now is the time to do some photos in long skirts for Ladies Home Journal of some quilting magazine, or perhaps do a photoshoot of the celeb doing charity work...something that doesnt scream S.E.X.

Miley's parents have been in the industry, they know the ropes. While I cant expect their 15 year old starlet to make the best decisions, I do expect more from her parents (parents, as in, the grown-ups that are supposed to watch over a minor!)

What do you think??


Grandma J said...

It's hard to believe that her parents didn't "get" what was happening.
I hope it was a fluke error in judgement like the one Jody Foster's parents made, or like the one I made when I let you go to Hawaii at 17.

Cortney said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm, hmm, I'm curiouser and curiouser about that Hawaii trip . . . .

And I'm with you on Billy Ray too.

Karen B.

heartshapedhedges said...

For the record, here's the lowdown on the Hawaii trip;

It was the school sanctioned, "Sr, Trip" and was chaperoned. Funny thing, the chaperone was some young football coach and his friends, and I didnt see them the entire week.

We hung out with friends, swimming and snorkeling by day, and at night everyone went dancing. Everyone but the 17 year old (that would be me!) The drinking age was 18...and although I didnt drink, I did like to dance and be with friends, but alas, you have to be old enough to drink, to be old enough to dance. Or something like that which kept me from enjoying some fun.

My friends mostly hung out with me anyways, we had fun, even if we never saw an adult chaperone.

Grandma J said...

That cute "mom" picture in the OCR? That looks like a young informed mom like you. Maybe a weekly feature as a post or a nice touch to your sidebar.

Plus, I was hoping you would have made your Hawaii adventure a bit juicier for KB.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Miley are beautiful. all of them and not a single one screams s.e.x to me, maybe MY mind isn't set like that?
I think it's in the eye of the beholder to see s.e.x. in a picture or not. Also the picture with her dad is beautiful, just think, if he (Billy Ray) would be ugly and old, no one would even care to comment.
It is a shame that Miley had to apologize to please people with a dirty mind, and it was not an error in judgment. They are very artful pictures taken by an outstanding Artist Annie Leibovitz.